Ever need more time in the day

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. 24 hours. OVERRATED!!!! OVERRATED!!! so you know...I mean I need some more....I mean I not asking a lot or changing the world here, just yet, gimme time..but you know how it is, and it is just me? I could use some a few...or maybe even a SaTUNDAY, you know, and in betweener sat and sun...and well this can relate to my theorie about well the blood thicking or just fixing the day thing. and well I, Im aight...so the day thing, would be ideal..oh btw...we need a chat room. thank you.
  2. Ummm. actually the 24 hour day rhytm is unatural to human beings, they did this test where they put a man to live undergroung for 8 months, there they noticed that 23 hours was closer to the natrual rhytm of human bein'
  3. alright well I was just asking to the damn busy people that can barely put a foot up to smoke a half bowl nad maybe get a fav drink...to relax...but this, wasnt intergrated into theat 24 hour rhythm test, im sure...caveman have evolved, im sure...lol COME ON.. now and days...

    MY BIG THING is, i do whats needed, work, to make the $, and excess, for the MAN, lol, right..and the time at home is good...I can sit, HOPEFULLY catch some FAVORITE THINGS (without getting into specifics), time for the lover, and sleep myself, and then....others...like what the hell I love to write, i play guitar, i like to be by myself MORE than that...so wheres that time.

  4. oh I dont dispose this for a minute. any research about human sleepin rhythms NOWanDAYS, you cant pinpoint. too many complicatons,...i know what I know..and the schedule is odd at the least or most, however you see it, but its mine..and so is everyones...you sleep when, you are tired. period.
  5. There is never enough time in the day for me!!!

  6. I know the feeling** mayeb elaborate someother?vvi like to hear what this awesome guy.....just doees with....the SPARE time... :p
  7. I only sleep 5-6 hours a night so i can get the most of what time I do have!

    Spare time spent at the city!
  8. ya, im thinking im gonna figure out how to make the human mind need less sleep or seomting. like why do we need like 10 hours sleep to operate correctly, thast bullshit. i only get like 4, and thats all i should need. hmmm, that shit would rule. some pill that gives u lik 6 hours of sleep on the spot.....aweosme...
  9. hahahaha. I just made some time I suppose inmy day. I was off yesterday, SUPPOSE to be in today, but WHOA SLEEP, I woke up at 5PM thinking it was 5AM, totally missing an entire day of work! and im off tomorrow. and the cool thing is, I got my salvia today! yeah! hahaha. got no time? play dumb and make some.
  10. apparently the human body only requires 4 hours of deep sleep per day, so that should leave enough hours for tokin! well just!

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