ever mix tobacco/weed in a bong?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by phantomxrider, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Them boyz make spliffs.
  2. Here in Scotland, most people mix weed and tobacco in joints but not bongs or pipes.

    Tobacco in a bong would give me an insane nicotine rush and I'd probably throw up. Not to mention how rough it would be.

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  3. I do enjoy ripping a bowl with a little pinch from a Camel tucked under the herb.

    It used to be my default method of smoking almost, but now just every once in a while. Mostly if I want that extra little rush when I smoke early in the morning and I haven't had a whole cigarette yet.
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  4. Yeah I do it all the time
  5. Good combo if you like to cough your gonads off
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  6. Yes, people around here did that all the time when I was in high school and college. It is extremely addicting. It seems like anyone that started was smoking more consistently and could no longer just smoke just greens as it wouldn't get them stoned enough anymore. Those bowls definitely aren't good for your lungs or throat but they sure do hit you hard.
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  7. Unfortunately I am a cigarette smoker, but I personally would not taint the Bud with that crap, but I must have one after.

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  8. Ive smoked tobacco straight from my bong before and got the most insane buzz i couldnt even stand up straight

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  9. Iv smoked with heaps of different ppl over the years n every time it's mixed.. I do the same n love it

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  10. I've never mixed tobacco and weed in a bong, though I have in joints; I like the occasional spliff :smoke:

    One of my brothers used to smoke straight tobacco out of his bong while he was on probation. He convinced me to try it once, I don't recommend it! I like smoking tobacco, but that was pretty gross and harsh.
  11. I do that when I have the smallest bit left. Lately I been using just a bit of tobacco and then piling on the keef since I been dry. Personally I think it's great

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  12. nope. hate that shit. hate it in my joints and alone.
  13. The act of mixing weed and tobacco in a bowl is a Canadian invention from Guelph, its called a Popper, because the satisfying "popping" sound you get when you clear the bowl. it causes a head rush thats nice when you use the right amount of what we Canadians call "Batch" (cigarette tobacco). use too much and you will get super dizzy. use too little and you will get no head rush. green bowls are more satisfying tho as after a while i feel that tobacco makes all the strains feel the same. Just some tips from a Canadian stoner. Happy smoking yall and cheers! :D
  14. Smoking weed and tobacco together is an English thing. Lol
    Have fun cleaning nicotine stains from your bong. Its a bitch to clean off.
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  15. Fuck SO many people do it here (Australia) it's ridiculous. To the point that when most people hear I'm green only...it' kind of like I'm the weird one.

    There always seems to be this mentality that it "spaces out more" or that it'll last longer because there's more...though personally I'd say there's something in tobacco that makes it wear off faster - because it's always the people that mix, that tend to go through way more.

    Look I've done it before...when you're young, if there's weed there's weed and even though I never smoked tobacco, there were times in my life I'd accept it just because that's what this friend or that friend/group did.

    These days?
    I personally will not bastardise it by mixing it with anything.
    There is just, in my mind...no reason or need to do this whatsoever, and I think it needs to stop being done, or encouraged by others that do it.

    Weed isn't poison - don't make it.
  16. No it's not... I live in the UK & Idk anyone who smokes tobacco & weed in a bong.. smoking a cigarette after a bong is normal though lol
  17. What do know. Probably only 18 yrs old. For your information the Beatles were the ones who made mixing tobacco with weed popular, and I wasnt necessarily talking about smoking it out of a bong. You can buy prerolls in Amsterdam that are weed/tobacco or hash/tobacco mix all day long. Do your homework before you open your mouth. Lol
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  18. Hmm seems to me you specifically mentioned smoking out of a bong....and @BrewsnWeed666 knows what he's talking about. I will say most of my other English friends know what "poppers" are but they don't usually like to partake unless it's just straight green or hash.

    Not trying to argue btw just pointing out the silliness of this debate.
    Also fuck the Beatles.

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  19. The other dude doesn't know anything bro he thinks the Beatles make smoking hash with tobacco popular :lmafoe::lmafoe:
  20. I can imagine Ringo hitting that first ever tobacco/weed spliff they must have totally "We're so creative...said Thomas, to the fat joint-roller...ingenuity, reall-ay"

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