Ever met anyone on gc?

Discussion in 'General' started by Carlton, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. I was stoned as shit and just reading this post from this guy who used to live in this city I used to live in, really small city I was almost shocked someone from here lived there (redwood city lol) but ive moved to fresno anyway and the idea kinda interested me. So blades, have you ever met anyone from here?

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  2. Nope not yet. I hope to though once I move to Denver. I'm going to make a thread once I move there.

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  3. Nope but would be cool to met up with a fellow blade IRL. Some one that doesn't lip the J or torch the bowl or drool into the bong lol. Need more friends that are experienced and not thinking they know everything about smoking after blazing a hand full of times.

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  4. Tharedhead and I got together when I went to a MMJ convention in Portland. We stayed up half the night chattering in our beds (when we should have been sleeping) like a couple of school kids on a sleepover! The subjects were a bit different than what kids would talk about, the CB2 receptors, CBD, and other medical stuff! But it was a blast!
  5. I've met one blade from here, she was cool as fuck.
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    Fresno! Im from Kerman ;)
  7. Havent met up with anyone yet im new to this city.

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  8. Not yet, maybe soon though :)
  9. yep back in the day.
    turned out to be a cool dude.
    although some stories i have heard did not go so well.
    be careful people, theres some weirdos lurking.
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    Redwood....? Fresno....Yeah I'm at the airport Mon-Wed  ask for Vlad at the P.O
  11. No, because I'm hiding constantly. I haven't saw a person since 96'. I tend to just sit in my house nowadays, shitting on my mattress. I will reveal myself to the world in about 3 thousand years from now.
  12. Haaaha :-D

  13. For real though, if anyone ever wants to meet me, go to Cuba and ask around for Papa-Pac. Someone will know me, I'm very well known. When they direct you to where you must go, just walk the streets shoutin' "YO PAC!! MR. PAPA!" n shit, and I'll eventually shout at you from my window to come up. I don't look like 2Pac anymore because of massive amounts of plastic surgery, nor do I sound like him because I learnt the art of self-fallacio many years ago and damaged my throat... Please.... I miss people......
    I won't rape you as well. Totally legit.
  14. Wtf? Haha

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  15. Chya. I have.
  16. Naw probably wont unless I trust someone. Not tryna get GC catfished or raped or something bad. Im sure Ill blaze it with someone here one day. 
  17. I've hung out with underahoneymoon a few times.

    Met another blady back in the day too. Cool peoples. :smoke:
    inbox me
  19. Ya many times actually, mostly people visiting LA and lookin for someone to show them what's good
  20. Yup I have, I def want to meet all the blades/bladies in the drunken thread for a crazy smoke fest/drink-a-thon. 

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