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Ever lucid dream?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pineconeplace, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Last night I had a crazy lucid dream, let me give background info first. I haven't had many dreams, they stopped when I first started smoking. Well I took a Tbreak for two weeks and practiced lucid dreaming with one successful dream but it was very foggy memoried in many parts besides meeting a man that I never seen before

    Im in a memory of me at a young age, from age 2-4 my bed was against a certain window on the thrird floor facing east with a nice view, but anyways I was in bed looking out the window. The sky was red and in the distance there was large pale red objects
    Moving across the sky, some dropped and some kept going. A lady came into the room and lightly grabbed my hand, I don't know her but at the time had a mother child connection and felt safe. We walked through my house but everything was different like a new family lived there. I faded out and for a few seconds saw an orange beam. I think I woke up and saw the candle[i have orange candles in the window]but drifted back. There was many large black vehicles with that had 9 cofin sized compartments. They had 3 assorted sizes of thick black rubber like body bags that had a gas mask like face mask inside, tubes connected it to the top of the bag and had three valves on the out side. We each climbed into the bags and put on the masks then the only thing I remember is a hissing sound then a loud machanical gear grinding sound that made me feel like I blasted off into space with my eyes closed.

    I woke up and looked at my alarm clock it said 1:3[?] I wrote that in my notes on my iPod as soon as I woke up, I felt a great need to and a large amount of guilt. And vision was spinning like I was drunk. What do you guys think?
  2. I have lucid dreamed before but I always tend to wake up after about 10 seconds of realizing I'm dreaming. I think if i tried again with weed to keep me asleep then I would probably be getting somewhere.
  3. I remember I was having a dream one time, and something happened that made me realize it was a dream, I think I got hit by something and realized I didn't feel it or something, but anyways once that happened I pretty much did whatever I wanted with whoever I wanted if you get the hint. (I was like 14 at the time) I don't remember a lot of details, but I do remember that I felt like I was dream for a couple days, and I woke up feeling extremely refreshed and awesome.
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    I had a lucid dream that turned into an outer body experience which blew my mind, because I thought they weren't real.

    I was dreaming about me and 3 girls i know hanging out and torward the end o the dream we parked the car in a dead end spot. I quickly began to be aware that what was going on around me wasn't real, then this guy who looked like a menacing silloutte of roreshak (Hope I spelled his name right, the guy from watchmen) Came up to the car and phased through the windows grabbing at us. I was too freaked out by his figure to think up anything, I don't know why, but I just did the "squeeze your eyes really hard" trick and woke up.

    When I woke up I was already slightly more concious than I would've been.
    I couldn't move for a sec so the sleep paralysis was still in affect.
    In shock of the dream I was looking around my room in a minor panic.
    I wanted to turn my lights on and try to breakdown the dream over some iced tea.
    Because I'm just into dreams nd what not. That's when i decided to get up and turn on my lamp. Which i did and layed back down in the same position.
    I layed there again really still and unsure why for a good 3 minutes, then i noticed the light wasn't on. I flipped out and got up to turn it on again, same thing happend.
    The tird time I got up to turn the light on and the same result occured, I realized I was having consecutive OBE's.

    It was really revelating and scary at the same time.
  5. i had a lucid dream my junior year of high school. i was in my sophomore chemistry class and i causally said to my teacher, "hey, i'm sorry to interrupt, but i'm dreaming right now so i have to get out of here." she thought it was hilarious and i walked out

    when i realized i was dreaming, i started thinking about what i could do. it felt like i was running out of time so i had to come up with some cool stuff as soon as possible

    i ended up at this hot bitches house and rang the doorbell. her parents let me in when i asked if she was home, and i walked into a room to see an eight year old girl masturbating on a bed

    got the fuck out of there

    then i was across the street sitting down on the sidewalk looking at ants. pretty disappointing

    i had a nightmare about being in this house with a shadow following me around the hallways. i figured out i was dreaming and had nothing to be afraid of. so i walked into this bedroom and saw a hot milf. i tried to fuck her but (since i never had sex) for some reason my brain could not picture it or make sense of having sex with her. basically i was just dry humping this milf standing up, and then i woke up

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