ever lost your stash?

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  1. while i was doing laundry i saw the sweatshirt i was wearing last week when i rolled, and i thought, ".. imagine if i had pills left in that and they went through the wash" and how sad i'd be.

    so i got curious!
    anyone got funny (but obviously sad!) stories about losing drugs? share!
  2. On a xanax bindge I took like 15 mg's or so for a few days like three tops and I lost my 20 sack and my mom found it a month later under her bed. 0_o.
  3. I've found half smoked joints several times. Lost a joint and found it a week later sitting on my dresser. Found half a gram in my pillowcase after spending 3 hours looking for bud and dude never came through.
  4. I found a six month-old nug of mids under my bed the other day. Only three bats or so, but I was blazed. Even better since I didn't expect it. But every once in awhile when I have a surplus of weed, I'll leave a few bowls-worth in an obscure place I know I won't look when I'm real baked, just to make sure I forget about it. Then when I'm dry, I'll usually remember it. Best feeling in the world.
  5. Yes! I fucking lost a fucking gelcap with 65mg of 2C-B just today!

    UGGH SO ANGRY. Worst part is it's gonna turn up in the worst place ever.
  6. damn that fucking sucks.
  7. Shit, Ive lost so much. First thing I ever lost though was 3 hits of acid three years ago.
  8. Yeah a tragic thing like that happened to me once. :(
    I was blazing some bomb ass GDP that I had in a medicine bottle
    and I had no idea I left it open, so when I try to bust out with another bowl that shit was gone! and it was at night...on midgrass...worst day ever.
  9. Same here. :D
  10. ah that sucks, hopefully you find it. sleep on it!
  11. my grinder was fucking full of kief and it fell outa my lap while i was packing a bowl.

    kief all over the carpet, i salvaged like 1/16th of it haha
  12. back in sophomore year i was blazing up before school...had a FULL medicine bottle of some white widow...stashed it in some random bushes...came back after school and the shit was gone...was so pissed...and just yesterday my medicine bottle was full of bud already ground up and i had it in my jacket pocket unopened and bud got all stuck to the inside pocket of my jacket...shits weak

  13. my bad man. i took that shit :\
  14. hide your stash in places in your room where you think your going to remember but you really do. then when you find it, its like an early christmas present to youself :D
  15. i routinely forget where i put down my benzos. for obvious reasons. not rele losing them i just forget where i set em down haha
  16. One time I dropped a quarter in front of brooks and drove away, realized I didnt have it and went back. It was probably 10 minutes later and the bag was just sitting in the parking lot near the door lol.
  17. I found a giant bud stuck to my foot when I was tripping on salvia, I don't even remember loosing that, but it was at least 2 weeks old when I found it
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    I've actually been lucky enough not to, and I'm pretty surprised at that.

    but I have lost screens, papers, etc.

    and they usually end up in the laundry, especially when my mom does it. :eek:

    BUT I've found weed in my closet. I have a HUGE walk in closet and usually hot box it out just for fun, and I guess I drop A LOT of weed. but yeah, it's waaaaay old by the time I find it. too harsh on the lungs.
  19. i have yet to find the shit my dad let me have last year
  20. lol i havent cuz i keep track of my shit...but i got a buddy who sucks...he has lost mulitple pieces (1 BIG bubbler, 3 bowls...lost them...didnt break or anything...just doesnt know where they went)...probly lost about an ounce of weed this summer alone....and lost 3 hits of the best fucking acid ive had in quite some time...stupid motherfucker

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