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Ever look at your bong/bubbler and think about your lungs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. It gets me down to think about, but I can't help but wonder how bad my lungs must be every time I look at my bubbler. I mean, I clean this thing alot but there's no way for me to clean my lungs save for doing more cardio exercises which still will never clean them permanently.

    Anyone else have similar sentiments in regards to this?
  2. I disregaurd the thought, and keep toking.

  3. I look at my bong and bubbler and think about how stoned I am, I look at the cigg thats in my hand and wonder what my lungs are lookin like.

    who cares though, you only live once, you'll most likely live a long full life as your not gonna drop dead anytime soon from some bong rips.
  4. Eh... I look at the downstem in my bong that gets all resinated, but the top of the tube where you breath from has never shown even a hint of resin...
  5. [​IMG]
    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!that cartoon is the shit
  6. Nope, not really, I mean it is getting caught in the bong, so I guess I am a positive thinker, I look at it this way whatever is in there is not in me:D . JOE>
  7. Sometimes I look at my glass and think about that kind of shit. The worst part is when you have a sploof and you look at that after using it for a few weeks. I mean, you are inhaling smoke and some pretty unhealthy tar. If all of this really bothers you, then a vaporizer would be perfect for you.
  8. i just imagine what the resin feels like, i mean it has to be sad it lost its marijuana
  9. I dunno...I have been smoking alot lately and my bong looks quite clear...haven`t cleaned it for weeks.

    So I quess my lungs are just fine
  10. to see how bad cigs are destroying your lungs take a hit of one then put a tissue over your mouth tightly and exhale you'll see how dirty cigs are
  11. I cough up most of the shit that makes it to my lungs. I'm not worried.
  12. Glass is a very hard nonorganic (for the most part... I know of different plankton that make glass skeletons, and there is a group of sponges that have glass skeletons) material.

    When it gets dirty, it stays dirty until something cleans it off.

    Your lungs are soft, permeable membrane whos cells are continually dieing and being remade.. When it gets dirty, it does pile up, but if you give it a while, they will clear themselves out through natural processes.

    Theres a thing called moderation that we potheads need to come to realise... Smoking maybe two bowl a week would be fine, but when your an everyday toker, it does start to cake on your lungs...I know.
  13. I clean my bong after every/2 use(s) so i cant really say that. But my downsteam is really resinated same with my bowl. Its gross :(
  14. i have indeed thought about this.....its seems especially bad when im high and look at the black downstem and think about my lungs.....that shit is just disgusting....i have even told myself i will never smoke again becuase of that....but that only lasted till i came i have smoked after that, but still....yea its a disgusting thought.....

    i mean just yesterday i was playin baseball and after scoring a run i was absolutely exhausted just from runnin the bases.....i really need to smoke less and do WAYYY more cardio exercises....and theyre the only exercises i hate doing too.....even sometimes when im high im motivated to work out with weights and stuff, but never cardio....i hate that shit!

    i think i should start running daily or something...
  15. i quit smokin for a while to train for a boxing match. my trainer made me do a shit load of cardio and it hurt for the first couple weeks but then i started feelin good again.

    anyways thats over now and ive started tokin since.
  16. lol off topic but i just noticed that^

    how could plankton or sponges have "glass" skeletons when glass is essentially melted sand (silica).....its made under intense heat....

    unless by "glass" u mean a material that just looks like glass....hmm i dunno
  17. meh, your lungs can pretty much repair themselves anyways

    but you would need to stop smoking for that to happen

    .....fuck that
  18. when i see a big ass milk from a bong or see how much smoke i just blew out im like shit that was inside me . . . sweeeet. Besides why whould you want to clean out that downstem when it makes bud tastes sooo good especially when you smoke kif or hash out of it. Also all the diff types of bud make for a good resin hit when your out of bud. but only when that thing is clogged kinda like my lungs ahahahhaha. I dunno about you gus but if you just combine exercise with bud usage I think youll be fine. And exercise is needed regardless of whether you smoke or not.
  19. i never think about my lungs, because i skate and i play ultimate and have never really felt restricted by my lungs.

    after every sesh is over i take my bong and empty it out and fill it up with steaming hot water.

    then just let it sit for 10-15, or whenever you remember really, and just shake it around and then empty it out.

    keeps the bong decently clean. for the real clean i use 91%iso and salt.

    i like smoking a clean bong, what can i say.
  20. i dont tend to think about it that much, however i havent had any bud for a week now, and i feel cleaner on the inside after toking every night for quite a while, pickin some up tomorrow though my mate phoned an said he got me some :cool: gonna save that shit till thursday night though, got no college on friday.

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