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Ever light your hair on fire?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuicyJanes, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. You know those lighters that you can adjust the flame height? Well my friend took off a part of the lighter and somehow made the flame so big. At the time i didnt know he did that so when i went to spark my doobie, half of my bangs got burned off. Guess im getting a buzz cut tomorrow :p
  2. I've done that twice, I fucking hate it. :devious: But it wasn't that much.
  3. Did your nose fall off too.
  4. I've lost a few good mustaches due to short bowls
  5. ive had someone burn their facial hair and arm hair but not head hair
  6. I've singed my eyebrow a tiny bit once,but It would be pretty embarrassing to do any visible damage.
  7. I was smoking out of an makeshift apple pipe and its so close to your face that when I went to light it I burnt my nose hairs on fire hahah.
  8. i got super high and tried to start my grill. fireball happened and i lost 2 inches of hair on one side of my head and part of my eyebrow and eyelashes on the same side of my face.
  9. Hahaha. Lol, who sets themselves on fire...

  10. i lit my mustache on fire, it was a surreal experience followed by smacking myself in the face to smolder the flames. i was baked.
  11. its the smell that more anoying then anything else
  12. only ever light my arm and legs hair on fire while toking... oh and my pants - funny story that one....

    but i have a friend who lost nearly all his hair in chemistry last year... he left the gas on and couldnt light the match, wooooosshhhh huge fireball :D
  13. dozens of times, on a propane grill
  14. I charred my eyelashes sparkin my old bowl...
    R.I.P Lil' Whistler....
  15. One time I was smoking with a few of my friends, one with really long straight hair. I tweaked my lighter to make a "crack lighter" with a really huge flame, almost like a mini flamethrower, and handed it to him without telling him what I had done to hit. He burned like half of his hair lighting a bowl. I felt pretty shitty.
  16. [quote name='"letsmokeasweet"']its the smell that more anoying then anything else[/quote]

    Yes it is
  17. A friend used to be fond of the hot knives. He always took them off the top, ie just the knives and his head in the smoke path. One night the knives slipped and left a perfect steak knife mark on his chin, took a good while to clear
  18. I've got hair down to just above my ass. If I'm super high and not paying attention, it'll sometimes fall in the way. I've definitely singed it more than a handful of times. >.< Fail.
  19. Yea the smell is just awful haha. On the bright side, i love feeling my buzz cut, feels so weird but good too lol

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