Ever let yourself open up to the pain of the world?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Jul 9, 2004.


When did you last open up to the horror?

  1. Today.

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  2. A while ago.

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  3. My childhood.

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  4. Never have.

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  5. I dont really know what you're getting at.

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  6. Fuck off you waste of space hippie. Go get your hair cut, get a job, get a wife, get a car, get a l

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  1. I cant remember quite who it was who said it, perhaps it was Che Geuvara, but it goes something like this: "To be a revolutionary one must not turn away from the pain of the world."

    i did this today.


    it was unbarable. i could not let it in for more than mere minutes. overwhelming to the extreme.

    just try, for even a second to allow the pain of the whole world in. not the human inhabitants, not all the life living on the surface, but earth itself, including its inhabitants. the whole.

    we are killing earth

    and in doing so, we are killing ourselves.

    this is something i am sure i used to do as a child all the time, but not knowing all the harm we have been causing, i could not fully comprehend what we have done. it is something i hope to do every day now that my personal problems arent too prevelant. what better way to create drive to push for change in the world than to allow myself to feel it, to have compassion for earth.

    it certainly gives one far better understanding of (for example) native american culture. we all should really be looking for medicine for the world.

    ... I love you Earth!

  2. I love you too Earth. I think a lot about our Earth, Mother Nature and how as a whole we disregard her needs.
    We need to have her know we need her to grow our hemp! But first we must do something about our money loving government! Im at the tip of the iceberg in understand any little thing this world has to offer, feeling the pain of the world is a huge feat to ask. I dont know if I feel all the pain, but I do know that I know things arent right. I know theres pain out there that I cant and wont ever be able to grasp.

    aside from the threads topic, Id like to give a little shout out to my Mother Nature, Earth, I know that Ill get by knowing her tide will be at my feet today, that Sun warming my skin and soul, her soil, my place to stand tall and be proud take her all in..and while im at the beach, Ill do my daily stroll, picking up litter along the way :)
  3. Pain is subjective, therefore there is no real pain. Some people love 'pain,' but could we still call it pain?
  4. Nah, Digit. You got the wrong idea. Earth can't be killed. Earth has withstood worse catastropies than the human race. All we're gonna do is kill our species, which wouldn't be that bad. Earth will eventually recover as it has after several meteor-impactr and ice ages.

    Actually, I tend to look at the human species as the new ice age. The similarities are there: We're prolly gonna destroy most of what we need to survive. Then earth will recover and develop into a new direction. Just as it did after the ice ages.
  5. I've taken it in...and I'm doing something about it. I volunteered my time and talents as a rehabilitator in Kabul, Afghanistan earlier this year. Those people live very desolate lives not knowing if they're going to live to see tomorrow. If we as Westerners think we have it bad sometimes because the car broke down, or our order at McDonalds was wrong, etc.., go live over there for 6 weeks like I did, I guarantee you'll appreciate everything this world has to offer no matter how trivial or imperfect those things may seem.
    My lesson learned: Enjoy the things that this Earth has given you no matter your circumstances and don't let anyone tell you that the way you live your life is wrong.
    On a side note, the bud in Afghanistan is awesome.

  6. ok sure, the matter, the assortment of energy roughly and largely in its current dynamic arrangement will still be there... but as for the whole, and as for its level of animation, and to consider its inhabitants as part of it, we're still killing it. humanity itself could be responsable for the loss of the atmosphere (thats right i said LOSS, not change) and drastic changes to the core.

    idk if that makes sence to other people, i struggled with the wording quite a bit.

    lemme put it another way with a thread i found i had to remake.... http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43073
    i was sure i had made that thread before, but couldnt find it anywhere.

    but i agree with you on one point... death of the human race wouldnt really be a bad thing. ... assuming we cannot change to meet our potential, assuming we are to continue like the virus we so constantly prove we are.
  7. "buy something plastic"


  8. if we all got wiped out the atmosphere would be restored. I mean after all the atmosphere didn't just appear there one day! I've never really done much research on it but I would assume the ozone layer is made up OF OZONE which would mean that everytime lightning occured it would create more ozone....I'm not absolutely positive about this so anyone is welcome to refute or critque this.
  9. cool.

    so we just attatch a lightning generator to SERN .... et voila, lightning ahoy.... burn oil all yas want. lol. fighting fire with lightning. kinda.

    though it would mean it would get very hot still. there's still all those other particles of shit floating around. and getting right through the entire ecco system.

  10. yes I agree Digit: it is unbareble.

    here is how I bare it: I remeber myself that we ALL have what it takes to stop the pain.

    unfortunately, some do not have the education, but that's another thing..
  11. well I understand what you are getting at, but I look at it in a different way. I don't feel like we are 'destroying the earth and therfore us'. It is so hard to explain these things. Idk, there is just so much hate in the world, especially in the good old U.S.
  12. but digit, if you are talking about the world as a WHOLE, then on a microbial/bacterial level, we are doing the world a great justice.

    all the smog and crap we put into the air everyday is going to have terrible concequences in the short time (as in thousands of years) but have a HUGE impact on the world in the long term (millions of years.) as creatures die and rocks are formed and layers upon layers of dirt are made on the surface of the planet, carbon is being trapped. it is no longer passing from being to being in countless forms, it is just laying there, dormant. as the worlds carbon supply diminishes in such a fashion, drastic changes in environment, eventually leading to a runaway greenhouse effect. (not sure on the exact details, all this info is from a book i read a few years ago about how the world will end, based on history of ours and many other planets in differant stages of their "life" as you could call it.)

    anyways, as the world becomes hotter and hotter, life is going to begin dieng off. but extremophobes and other types of bacteria will flourish. as the oceans heat up, they will begin to evaporate into space through our diminishing atmosphere. fortunately, millions of years earlier, the human race pumped the atmosphere full of gas and other garbage. its theorized this "junk" floating around should be enough to prevent the oceans evaporation, allowing basic forms of life like algae to live for an extra 500 million years.

    so if all this is true, we're doing good work. in the extremely long term.

  13. There's not as much hate as you would think. I think, imo, that there is actually a lot more positive fellings towards others in general. Unfortunately things like greed and selfishness lead to people not caring if they cause others pain.

    But 'opening your eyes up to the pain of the world' just sounds stupid to me. No shit, lots of third world countries and pain and suffering etc. It's not mainly because of hate, rather people doing whatever it takes to get ahead. If I tried to thinka bout all the atocities I would be in this chair all day, if I chose one the particularly irked me I would be much more likely to do something about it. $0.02
  14. Nice thread

    To be “truly revolutionary” requires developing a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.
    It requires developing a sense of kinship beyond our immediately family,class, “race,” or nation.

    - Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

  15. I do quite frequently. I get tired of that helpless frusterated feeling that I get when trying to communicate it to other people's apathy. So I've stopped for now. I don't know how many restless nights I've had because I've thought too damn much, and didn't have a single person to understand.

    We all have the potential to make a difference, but is it profitable... no. Is anyone going to do anything about it? Probably not. It's just another a brief meantion in the 10'o clock news right before the weather.

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