Ever hit one of these?

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    Me and a few friends hopped in the back of a huge industrial sized van few months back, with a few folding chairs and foldable table (none of which were bolted to the floor). We then went for a drive, where we broke up well over a half ounce of some good bud and rolled ourselves a chocolate chip cookie dough super blunt (i didnt chose it :(). When we finally stopped we boxed the van. It was a fun night. I just came across the pic and thought I'd share. It was a long ass smoke.:smoke:
  2. hahah i have one of those saved for 4/20

    they're pretty good, if only for novelty value ("look at me, i'm smoking a massive blunt!")
  3. yeah exactly, i wouldn't do it again though because it was a pretty large waste of weed
  4. To each his own I guess. I'd be pretty flustered knowing I just used a half ounce in a blunt. Props to you though.
  5. it's one of those things that's a one-time deal...you get a nice h/o or o of mids/beasters and just kick back. i hope you guys didn't use danks in there! :O
  6. no no no NOT dank, Mids, not horrible but not amazing, still got torched though:smoke:
  7. cant say that i have... looks fun as hell tho
  8. Just curious, how's the harshness from a blunt of that magnitude? The biggest blunt we've ever smoked was like 5 grams. I bet it's so resined up by the time it's a little roach.

    Which made me think of a great idea... What if you took a whole bunch of superblunt roaches/regular roaches (I mean how many people smoke superblunts all the time lol) and roll a huge superblunt out of it.:eek: That would be amazing.
  9. ^shut up and play the drums so i can spell "chair", phonics monkey
  10. ya man i had one last 4/20 and i had one on thanksgiving! We used an OZ in ours though heres the one from thanksgiving
    the dude that rolled it fucked it up though and hada patch it with blunt wraps, still smoked good and lasted well over 30 minutes with 7 heads:smoke:
  11. Nice man. Never smoked one.
    How much does one wrap cost?
    Thinkin about getting one for nxt 420:D
  12. Haha.. Dude no one has seen that episode! They've only showed it a few times. No one ever seems to know where my name is from (it's my gamertag on XBL too).
  13. [​IMG]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDOZcGKmLxA"]YouTube - d0udy Double Titan Blunt[/ame]

  14. real talk, the blunt above is 16g's. when there was about 1-2 inches left, we unrolled it, and rerolled it into another blunt [probably about 2.5-3'gs], and it was SO RESS'D UP. we let it dry and i could literally smash it against the table and it wouldnt' bend at all.

    it burned SO slow and SO even and i got SO fucked up.

  15. pretty sure the price of the wrap will be next to nothing compared to the ounce of weed your smoking
  16. The wrap costs six bucks, as for harshness over halfway through the "cookie-dough" flavor revealed it to be be more like ass,,,got pretty harsh but the resin was amazing i scraped the weed and resin out of the roach and combined it with some dank in a thick joint afterwords...fucking fantastic
  17. hahahah dude that was such a good episode. i've watched every episode of south park about three or four times because i'm a huge SP nerd so its just like...offhand knowledge to me.


    HAHAHAHAHAH awesome face man :laughing:
  18. Dude i had to take a double glance at this.
    you look just like one of my old dealers.:D
  19. Who hasnt smoked one of those. :smoke::smoke:

    Enjoy the herb!! :)
  20. i want to but dont ever have ounces to blow through.planin it for 4 20 though

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