Ever heard something this dumb?

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  1. So i was chillen with some friends and they were thinking what gets you high in weed? They Aall though that is was an allergic reaction? Hahaha they were dead serious they thought it was an allergic reaction. But i said the real reason, that canniboniods( sorry about the spelling im pretty sure its wrong) in weed block cannibonoids receptors in your brain blocking the sinapses causing normal conectins in your brain to either not happen or happen at the wrong time. And they all said i was dumb and thats not true but i know it is and later i sent one of them a link on facebook proving my point. And when we were talking about it i was laughing in there face because they thought it was an allergic reaction hahahaha. So i really just wanted to tell that story but people of grasscity what do you think about it?
  2. I feel dumb now.
  3. Haha google it. Ive done my research on marijuana.
  4. I hear much dumber crap when I watch Bill O'Reilly.
  5. This is why kids should not do drugs.
  6. No worse than watching Nancy Grace.
  7. I'm not gonna lie....I like wathcing Bill O'Reilly.
  8. dont question the high
  9. I feel ya, I try to explain the science of drugs to my friends all the time and they just look at me like :confused: and think I'm an idiot.

    When we toke, one of my friends always says "hold in the smoke for at least 30 seconds, it gets you higher because you hardly blow out any smoke." I say "no, THC is absorbed through your lung tissue in under 5 seconds, and the only reason you blow out less smoke is because the plant matter precipitates inside your lungs and is really bad for you. The only reason you feel higher is because the oxygen level in your blood rapidly decreases and the carbon dioxide increases, which kills your brain cells and creates the deadly high you're talking about." Again, this dude that barely passed high school looks at me like :confused:. People are fucking ignorant.
  10. Some people want to learn and some haven't a clue. Nothing you can do about it.
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    Yeah there's some pretty misinformed people out there. One time someone told me you trip on mushrooms because they contain a poison that makes you trip. When I come across these people I usually dont even try to correct them, I just act like I'm pretty clueless on the subject because you're not going to be able to change their opinions, unless they are asking you for the answer which means they are curious. I think the best way to deal with the situation is to not even bother trying to correct them and just don't agree with what they're saying and don't try to correct a ignorant person because its not a winnable arguement. You'll argue with them all day long with facts, and they usually argue with opinion. It's usually not the persons fault that they are misinformed though, it's their controlling, brain washing parents that made them that way. The only people I even try to get down with are people who engage me with conversation about drugs, otherwise I keep my mouth shut about my drug use.
    When I argue with people I do it because its like a high to me, and arguing with a ignorant person ain't shit but a buzzkill.
  12. hahhahahaha this thread made me almost piss myself. and that was before i even continued past the OP
  13. I think your friends are some ignent mofo's.
    Especially for judging you on some knowledge.
    An allergic reaction, COME ONE NOW, this is not elementary school.

    Allergies are 99,9% of the time UNpleasant.
  14. I dunno, I kinda like sneezing.
    Yeah, with you guys on the shit talkers...and when you know you're right, they'll still argue their bullshit point into the ground. Stupid tendency of attention starved fools.
  15. Once a guy at a party I was at insisted that airconditioning ran and was powered by air alone...

  16. hahahahah shits too funny...:laughing::laughing:
  17. your friends are dumbasses
  18. i am so sorry to hear that :(


  19. I love watching him make an ass of himself, aha.

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