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Ever heard of the Lode Stone??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. it was the first magnetic object ever discovered on the planet i believe.

    im the same tonight, only instead of Lode Stone, id be named "Loaded, Stoned," and I am only attracted to ladies, not iron ;)

  2. as long as they don't smoke right? :rolleyes:

  3. LOL!
  4. id WAY rather have a non smoking chick. im sorry, i just think it looks gross, same as chicks spitting, just kinda wrong to me.

    but i wouldnt descriminate if she did. id try to make her quit, nut id give em a chance.

  5. Why should guys get to have all the fun?
  6. hey, chicks get to have fun too. they get to choose if the guys get any or not, i think thats a fair trade for not smoking (atleast tobacco)
  7. ummm i guess.... i think its hotter if a chick bakes.... then we have much more in common and a way similar perspective.... ya know...
  8. its dope when a chick smokes weed.
    but not when a chicks a weed smoker.

    if you see what im saying. smoking the occasional doobie when someone offers is ok, so are smokes (BUT DONT GET ADDICTED OR ILL KICK YO ASS!!!) but as soon as they pull out their own pack or sack i just think its gross.

    Ah im gettin confused over all my contradictions and hypocriticality (pronounced hippo-crital-callity)
  9. and yet at the same time, you would be getting a lot more if you dated a chick that owned her own stash. most of the girls i know get pretty man-hungry when they smoke up regularly.

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