Ever heard of sticking a thermometer up a dogs ass to tell when it will deliver pups?

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    ive had 3 people tell me of checking her ass temperature,, and the reading will let me know when shes close to dropping these puppies,,,,

    any blade heard of this ?????

    and if so what does the temp. need to be ?

    i may ram a thermometer up her ass,,,,:cool:
  2. I'm pretty sure a simple google search will help you a LOT better then asking a bunch of pot smokers.

  3. i gots faith im my fellow pot smokers,,,,

    im sure the net could deliver my answer,,,,

    but g-city is my '' GOOGLE''...

  4. I think you want to do it just to do it
  5. I think this is the best answer anyone here will give you
  6. lol never heard that you werido chicken

    i would google it but i dont wanna be looking at no dog ass holes.

    i wish you luck in your quest with your dogs asshole.

    GOOD DAY SIR(pronounce sir SAAAAAwhh)
  7. Try shoving a thermometer up your ass first. The best way to go about this is with experience.

  8. OMG

    1 of my fav shows = 1000 ways to die

    so there was this guy who liked to shove things up his ass (theres thousands like him too lol).

    and well he was in the hospital

    and had nothing to stick up his ass. so he took like 5 thermometers and taped them and started shoving them up.

    NURSE walks in. he hears her

    jumps/sits down and they break in their.
    O MAN
  9. what channel is this show on?
  10. thats the best answer so far...

    i mean i stuck a thermometer up my sons ass when he was a infant,,,,

    so im going on my past experience,,,

    i really thought someone would know a little on the subject....

  11. I'll try and give a helpful and constructive answer...

    YES; one does "shove a thermometer" up the bitches arse.

    'Normal' dog temperatures are from 100f-102f

    Quote from Purina.co.uk (well known pet food manufacturer)
    "In the final week of pregnancy, begin taking your dog's temperature, rectally, twice a day. The first noticeable sign of labour is a drop in mum's temperature from 38.5ºc (101.3degrees f) to 37º C (98.6degrees f) (though normal body temperature can vary slightly from bitch to bitch). This usually occurs 12 to 24 hours before birth."

    Get a digital thermometer, much less hassle...
  12. ^^^^^^^ very informative,,, thanks,,,

    i knew one of my g-city blades would know,,,

    thats why i told a poster that suggested me use google,,, i knew a blade would know,,,,

    and yes i have a digital thermometer,,,,

    i may try this today after work,,,, and see what her temp is,:wave::cool:
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    No problem. Its nice to see a blade that is into breeding something other than just the greenery :)

    Also, i'd recommend getting a heat lamp, one of the infra red jobbies. You will need to keep the little'uns warm in the first week or so.

    The bitch will probably also begin letting you know that she is getting ready by trying to go to her favorite place, and start scrabbling around like she is trying to make a nest. You need to be careful as well, that the mother (i'm assuming shes a fairly big dog, being mated with a mastiff) doesn't sit on and crush the pups.

    Be very careful over cleanliness of the area in which the pups are born, they shit and piss a lot, and what the mother doesn't clean up, needs to be removed. Keep plenty of towels, and dog bedding for changing. We do it usually a couple of times a day.

    Try and keep her well nourished, its wise to put the bitch on puppy chow, as its much higher in protein:- the pups will grow up bigger and stronger.

    Pups don't open their eyes for about ten days to two weeks, that is normal.

    Oh, and don't be surprised if you have a fatality during the birth ie a stillborn pup. In the previous five litters, we've had three with a stillborn pup.

    Any other q's, don't hesitate to ask :)
  14. Good job, ralta...you told chicken everything that I would touch on and then some. :cool:
    omg chicken! Can I have a puppy?! I've been wanting an english bully forever, your mix sounds lovely tho ;) :love:
  15. Thanks Skittlette, helps that we've got 10 springer spaniel pups here atm, 2 weeks old :). Keeps it fresh in the memory somewhat.

  16. Oh! They must the the sweetest handfull!
    I've birthed several different breeds, and even did see a female sit wrong while birthing and snapped the pups neck...so def watch out for that one, chicken, the bitch is gonna wanna move around a lot. For the most part its fine to let her keep trying to get comfy, the moving around usually tends to help the birthing process, just watch for pups!
  17. They are just starting to move around more succesfully now, crawling out of the birthing unit and whatnot. The first pup came out perfectly, but the second one was breach, so the mother had to have a c-section :( but they were all alive and kicking.

    Another thing, the bitch eats the placentas so the crap she does do will be a horrid colour, thats also normal.
  18. im going to give these dogs away,,,,

    im keeping one,, to replace my male,, hes getting old....

    and i think a buddies wanting one,,,,

    this boy around here that dog hunts for hogs, may want one,,,

    take a road trip and come get one,:cool:

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