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ever heard of http://bcseedking.com ?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by law_101, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Ive never heard of them and the may be the Best seeds canada has to offer.


    Something seemes funny about the site to me.
    I clicked your link, and then clicked on "Indoor Seeds". The price list popped up in USD. and its only in US Dollars. If its a canadian site... Umm, why wouldnt there be a way to have it switch the currency to Canadian? but under the shady lookin FAQ's it says all prices are in CANADIAN....


    If you click "Contact Us" its the email submit shit. No Phone #, No Address.


    Look at the answer in the FAQ's about Keeping your $$money$$. It says if they would keep your money, they wouldnt be in business. Ive been hustlin for a long time, and thats what someone says whos lookin to burn you. If they werent, right there they would be talking about Expeience, Strains, accomplishments, etc..


    I would NEVER send them Money, AND they'll only take cash or a money order. Now this is just my humble .02¢, so take it for what its worth.
  2. I just checked a few other sites and they seem to have had good reviews. Usually if a company sucks it's hard not to find a lot of complainers. I would definitely establish contact email before I send them money. Also, on seedbankupdate.com they don't seem to be listed either good or bad so there must not be a lot of complaints on them. Do a google on their name and add "complaints" or "rip off" to the search.
  3. They do have a reviews link on their site with a good mix of good and bad reviews. Displaying bad reviews of your company on your own site either says "honesty" or something less flattering.
  4. I've got several of their strains, and have been dealing with them for a few years now. Good people, great prices, and discreet shipping. Smoking their Northern Lights as I type. Also have Burmese (My personal favorite.), Kahuna, and Juicy Fruit. Good stuff I say. IMO Much Love.
  5. I've had their Juicy Fruit and it is an excellent strain. It is has a Durban ancestor in it's genetics and a very nice flavor and aroma. Clone grow very nice outdoors also. They aquire their strain stock from some very fine breeders in BC. I do not see anything wrong with dealing w/ them. I have a friend that still grows their Juicy Fruit and their Mango, very nice strains, well stabilized, and he has never had a dead seeds from them, they have always popped. Better than 50/50 ratio on sex too, his last Mango seeds were 12 females out of 20.

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    One thing I noticed about their descriptions is they don't say much about "their" strains type of high and genetic tendencies. They should talk it up a little more and describe their strains.

    I wonder how good and authentic their Bubblegum is.
  7. thanks everyone! Anyone else have thoughts?
  8. If you create an account, they post when they receive your money order, and when they ship. I mailed my international money order on the 19th. They received it on the 26th & mailed it out on the 27th. I received my order six days later, on the 2nd. Free shipping. 20 seeds for the price of 15 (lowest price I've ever found).

    So far, 30 out of 30 seeds have sprouted. I've only sexed 4 AK's, and 3 were females. I purchased White Widow, AK-47, & B.C. Blueberry. The AK-47 had some mutations, but it's my understanding that's common in that strain. It's more likely due to cold temps they were exposed to this past winter. I have a few strong AK's, but all of the Blueberry & White Widow have had quick and strong stalk growth. I still have seeds to plant, but bcseedking.com, aka BC Seedking, aka BC Premium Marijuana Seeds, gets my next order.
  9. why risk it, why go through the trouble when there are plenty of seed banks with widely known good reputations with countless reviews on the forums...
  10. This place is good!:D:D

    We got seeds from them both Kahuna and Northern lights.

    They all sprouted and are currently growing.
  11. It appears that I posted last year. Well, I was ordering seeds, but was unsure what I wanted. I emailed them and told them what type of effect I was looking for, and the 2 varieties I was looking at. They replied, and suggested the G13-Haze. I placed my order, bought my money order, mailed it, and about 2 days later, the thought occurred to me that I hadn't included the postage costs!! I emailed their customer service and told them what happened, and to please wait for the $5 cash, that was on its way! I didn't hear back, right away, but a few days later, I got an email that my order was shipped. I ordered 15 seeds and got 3 freebies. I saved 9 seeds, but germinated the other 9, and they are all doing fine. Now, how is that for customer service?
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    ordered the Sour Diesel from them and was very pleased with how the beans were shipped and the promptness of my order.:)

    as far as the lineage IDK, but am growing 1 out and will see what happens. I do realize that the original Sour Diesel is a 'clone only', so I really don't expect a whole lot. just bought the seeds for shits and grins.

    BTW: gave me 3 white widow just for asking, can't beat that.;)

    all in all, give them a try...but if you are wanting stock from 'reputable' breeders try some of the more popular seedbanks out there.

  13. I ordered some of their Purps seeds, which came quickly in the mail.
    I planted 3 of them and all 3 have sprouted, looking good too.
    I'll try to remember to post a smoke report in a few months when all is said and done.

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