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ever heard of "green bud" from northern cali?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adderdan32, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know the actual strain that is aka green bud??? About 14 years ago, my friend from Fremont Cali was visiting me. He brought some weed with him that he called "green bud". He said it was grown in Humboldt and was everywhere up there. All I remember is it smelled really really strong (maybe piney smell?? def not fruity I do remember that much) and the buds were round and dense. Anyone know what this is?? Like I said, this was 14 yrs ago and obviously a cali strain.
  2. It doesn't even matter. If it;'s from Humboldt you have nothing to worry about anyway. I'm sure it's dank and that's all that matters. Don't go out of your way with names its a waste of time.
  3. i'm sure something as general as 'green bud' isn't a real strain name.
  4. I know that "green bud" is not the actual name. That is why I'm asking. Could it be Trainwreck? Cali Skunk? It wasnt purple either so gotta rule out GDP, Lavender, or Mendo Purps. It is/was a cali strain...
  5. There's no way of knowing what the genetics are and frankly it doesn't matter as long as it's dank.

    I could(n't) care less about names when I'm buying buds.
  6. Who cares? Its weed. Weed is weed. Smoke more brah.
  7. I visited SF a few months ago and 'green bud' was what everybody called it out there (that I met). It didn't mean a specific strain, it was like saying weed, bud, etc.

  8. This I can vouch for. They call that shit green bud if it's dank, doesn't matter the strain. They also call it Tree, which I thought everybody said till I moved up to WA and people started giving me weird looks when I called it that.
  9. lol I love smoking trees...

  10. Shit I hope its green, at least thats better then brown.:rolleyes:

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