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Ever heard of a Hot Rail? Check it out for yourself...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kiwi_kush, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I wouldn't do it seems to intense. Those guys are pros if they can smoke extract like that.
  2. yeah man i've been there done that, thinkin of doing it again this weekend. :)

    It takes a lot of learning to hit shit like that, but I always love bustin peoples cherries on that shit. Makes me remember when I was there... That stuff will give you a 'hang over' (although a comfortable one) for up to 2 days.:smoke:
  3. i would hurt myself i tend to do that without trying so crazy hot shit is a nono in my book
  4. ummm....i would prollly sneeze like a bitch
  5. why would u bother inhaling through your nose other than to show off. Seems kinda dumb to me. no i havent heard of hot rail, because i dont think its a very widely used term.
  6. I hope the budder isn't burning. Butter starts to smoke at about 400F and that piece they are using looks red hot.

    The temperature difference between where bud vaporizes and where butter burns is pretty small. I doubt these guys have the temperature down exactly.

    Mmmm, burned grease in your lungs.

  7. grease? what are you talking about? and the word is BUDDER not BUTTER, do you think they are using the dairy spread butter or something?
  8. looks pretty intense
  9. these dudes are fucking hardcore. this makes crucial milkshots look like smoking marlboro ultra lights.
  10. I dont know what the fucks goin on.
  11. dont see a reason why its better
  12. this is nothing new, usualy done with coke/meth

  13. no its no big deal, stick a joint/blunt in your nose and hit it that way, pretty much the same thing
  14. yeah this is some crack head shit...if you tell anyone you hotrailed something there ganna think it was coke or speed
  15. I chose no because I wouldn't want to snort. If I was inhaling through my mouth then I would for sure do it
  16. Dude, look at your own post. I wrote budder.

    Budder is made from butter. Butter smokes at 400-450F depending on quality. THC vaporizes between 350-400F depending on altitude.

    These dudes would have to get that piece in that narrow 50 degree window to vape it. It's more likely they are just heating it red-hot and smoking.

    Smoking budder is TERRIBLE for your lungs. That's grease smoke.

  17. BUDDER actually has nothing to do, nor is it made with BUTTER.
    it is almost laughable that you would say that.
    please make sure your a little more educated on things before making crazy unfounde3d statements...

    I posted this just so that people could see something that *perhaps* they have never seen before. Not to be "cool" as one person put it.
    Yes a hot rail is typically used for meth, but we were curious if the technique could be applied to marijuana products...hence this video.
  18. #19 chronicman00, Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2008
    I feel you are TERRIBLY misinformed. Smoking budder is like the best way to get high by smoking its literally the purest form of cannabis ever.
  19. couldnt have said it better

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