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Ever have TRUE medical?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caveit77777, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. By "true medical" I mean have you had weed that you KNOW came from a reputable dispensary. We all have those dealers that give us the "Dude check this new medical STRAIGHT FROM CALI" or "Yeah man this is uhhh some blue dream from the west coast".

    I'm finally in Colorado shredding at Copper Mtn. and we had my local bud go to one of the highly rated dispensary's in the area and grab us some blue dream. All I have to say is WOW I've truly experienced some "one hitter quitter" stuff now haha. Made some firecrackers yesterday using organic sunflower seed butter and I must say that is one of the smartest thing's I've done! They lasted for quite some time (hard to say cause I smoked as well).
  2. Yes, everything from a dispensary is good up in here in NORCAL! I don't really pay attention to the names you guys recommend because everything that is top shelf at a dispensary will always be top of the line shit...
  3. Yeah went to a dispensary in San Diego and then up by San Fran...definitely worth the time and money. I got 4 different strains each time and a few edibles (for sure my favorite).
  4. Nope. I live in Illinois and can come across some dank, but nothing that is truely medicinal.. though I have nothing to compare to
  5. Yes I have, and I immediately could tell it was awesome. I could taste a piney nutty essence whenever I would take a pull and I had never been so high.

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  6. [quote name='"BearThug"']Yes, everything from a dispensary is good up in here in NORCAL! I don't really pay attention to the names you guys recommend because everything that is top shelf at a dispensary will always be top of the line shit...[/quote]

    For real. Ive found some really good buds on the street, but i seriously havent seen anything as good as the all star top shelf shit. God i miss having the money to pick up eighths from the dispensary
  7. Yes.

    Where do most people think this "medical" weed comes from? Bayer, Merk, Pfizer? No, it's from the same people I've always bought from, awesome growers. The same person I bought from before MMJ now sells to dispensaries.
  8. Yes i had some NYC Diesel from a local dispensory in Michigan, But I can get almost the same grade for 25-30 a eighth from a buddy of mine that grows
  9. You mean like when I walk into a dispensary and buy it? I have true medical every single day.

    Have for 7 years now.

    And uh...we really don't allow discussion of gaming the system, so your question actually would entail a rule violating answer by pretty much anyone who wasn't a patient already.

    because they would have to procure it from a patient and we can't talk about that here
  10. Smoked 2 strains from a dispensary up in new mexico, grand daddy purp and black widow ( sour diesiel x white widow )

  11. sameeee, i get danky dank when im down in the chicago area but maybe ive had medical. people usually just say that to lure you in to buy theirs
  12. I've found that over the last few years it is really easy to get medical. I guess enough pipelines have been set up that you can get it easily everywhere. I'm fresh out of highschool and for my JR and SR year it was wiered NOT to have medical. And I was in Texas. I also knew a family friend that from what I understand was a very large distributer in dallas. He always had the best good :p

    I recently moved to Arizona where my first dealer sells decent quality dispensary weed. My dad just got his recommendation today so I can't wait to try some right out of the store :D
  13. got my medical card last summer been smokin nothin but grade A medical dank since.
  14. I dont even buy from a dealer no more.. strictly dispensaries !
  15. ive had harborside weed a few collectives in the bay:wave:
  16. i just recently got bud from a michigan dispensary, and it honestly wasn't as good as some of the stuff going around on the street in ohio
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    Who cares if its "medical". The weed i get is just as good. "cali medical" is something i tell dumbasses so i can sell them 25 dollar grams.

    Discussion of dealing or selling is not allowed here -=WW
  18. i smoke medical bush

  19. funny enough, i've actually had medical from cali and medical grade blue dream. had a friend bring it back. tasty shit and just a bowl gets u blaaaaazed. blue dream if it's real, has a very distinguishable scent too. but yah, i've smoked bud that came right out of a prescription marijuana bottle, naturally, best i've ever smoked. can't wait for medical to hit my state, i've got a couple of symptoms that match up with the requirements for most states.
  20. The first I ever smoked was Sour D from a Cali dispensary... that was like a week ago

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