ever have to eat it?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nosce te ipsum, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. i had to eat a blunt one night when i was pulled over and really didnt think anything but, "my god, i want something to drink." well...i though i would get sick but that wasnt until after the cop left me alone. so the cop comes up to the car and notices how stoned i am already and tells me to go home. (nice to live in a small town sometimes.) i go home and go to sleep feeling perfectly fine. the next morning i wake up still fine and go to school...then the unexpected happens. i got so high it wasnt even funny. i could not function properly on any level and teachers were asking me if i was okay for the entire day. this was no two hour high my friends, i was high for roughly twelve hours. i worked through the entire high time and cut myself three different times trying to chop tomatoes. it was horrible...so two weeks later i did it again for fun. anyone ever had that happen?
  2. Yeah me and my pals went camping one night and i put yogurt in a pint glass and mixed in a shit load of hash...it was approx 9pm at night and by 12 we were all fucked....i ate a packet of hulu hoops and thought i had just opened them when one of my mates who didn't take the yogurt told me i'd been eating like 5 hoops for something like 10minutes...lol....my flatmates keys moved in his poket and he thought there was something in his trousers..lol...i got up the next day and was still fucked well into the afternoon....i think i used approx 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of hash.....what a good night!.....Peace out...Sid
  3. the second time i ate, i ate waaaaaay to much. not a pleasant experience.
  4. You guys telling me you just disscovered the way of eating it. I have ashtma and crap but stil smoke but there is not better that i like to than eat me some weed it is te best. Your stoned for bloddy hours sometimes a ful day plus......... judging how much to eat is tricky or when it willl kick in but once you get it down you can have alot more fun. So i didnt hae to go out to smoke one day i decided to eat my weed at school cos i knew i hadnt eaten and that it shud kick in, in bout 1 hr little les if i eat a sandwich after the bastard didnt kick in was like 12 pm so i had to go out to dinner with my mom and all the other doctors and be the good little girl at dinner at 8 pm i ate to much and was trippin totaly screwed it was funny trying to talk bout polotics and word afairs while breaking into fits of giggles cos i was trying to eat chiken with a spoon lol

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