Ever have an AMAZING idea?

Discussion in 'General' started by Oddyball, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. And you don't have funding?

    I have two, incredible ideas for websites that I know one of which would make me a millionare. Just no freaking money. The other one would also make a ton of cash, but I don't know how to code. Anyone ever have great ideas but cant get them to come true?
  2. ey man if there is a will there is a way!! get creative.. smoke out some nerd friends and make it happen
  3. AH YES! I felt exactly this way before we built a tree-house in my cannabis plant! We ended up banding together a large group of volunteers to work for us in a state wide lemonade sale. I would highly recommend it, we took in just under $47,000 in 3 days!
  4. So what's that idea..? Hahah, I'ma Web Designer and have my own hosting! ub3r.us

  5. Dude, one of my ideas takes more than just a simple web designer, TRUST ME. Its an idea that would literally kill face book and myspace. Could say it but, then someone would steal it. Sucks how hard it is to find partnership.
  6. Well, I've created bulletin boards and similar community sites with help of my 2 friends. :)
    Wanna see some samples?
  7. Sure man.

    One of them I would be willing to partner up with, its not as big as the other, but it has potential for amazing income from ads.
  8. I'm sure that my ideas aren't as spectacular as yours sound, but ever since I got my Blackberry I've been recording ideas in the notepad right when they occur to me (usually when I'm high), and when I look at them later they aren't half bad at all.
  9. my friend told me this time he was chillin with one of his friends, his friend had the idea on how to cure AIDS...

  10. I'm a graphic designer as well. Maybe we could pull a group effort? :p
  11. Ive got my own site, and know a guy whos got experience with php and all that jazz..
    if you want our contact info drop me a PM

    And im a digital artist :]
  12. Well I need people who are willing to:

    A) Work on this for free, as a part time hobby.
    B) have skills with php/ajax
    C) Willing to make money

    I'll hit you guys up tomorrow about this. So whoever has experience and wants to do this, I'll fill you in on the details.
  13. Yeah I'd definitely be into helping out just for the fun of it. Hit me up with some info if you want :wave:
  14. I could have my botanist engineer a strain and we could name it after your website and get everyone smoking it.
  15. That would be the life haha
  16. Websites are cheap and easy, there's always people around who can make a decent website.

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