ever had to throw or eat it?

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  1. ever run into a situation where you need to throw or eat or somehow ditch your stash due to paranoia? why?

    i never have yet, haha but i have thought about it o.o
  2. I hid my shit in the woods before because I knew cops were coming and got it later. About it.
  3. Saw some cops up ahead in a wooded area, and I attached my weed to a tree. Got it later. :p
  4. Got pulled over smoking a blunt and ate it like 1/2 way through the blunt. Cop didn't say anything about weed though. Waste of blunt.
  5. Yeah, I've had to eat a total of twice. Ate an 8th once (in 11 bags), and puked it up as soon as the cops drove away and let us go. It was too hard to stomach. And another time, I ate a blunt when I was smoking in my boy's car in a parking lot and the cops pulled up behind us. Both times were very unpleasant.
  6. One time when I was around 16 I was sitting in my bedroom and I had about 3~ grams in a baggie and I was rolling a joint.

    All of a sudden I hear my mom banging on the door talking about how she smells something funny so I just downed the rest of my stash and went and made up a story about how maybe our cat was pissing upstairs and that it can sometimes smell like marijuana.

    I woke up the next day high as a motherfucker. My eyes were red as shit and I couldn't stop laughing. Had to ask my mom to call into work sick for me because I was too high to do it myself.

    Good times.
  7. :rolleyes:
  8. I'm pretty sure you can't get high from eating it, bud! Haha. :p
  9. im on probation so im always quick to pull the trigga and toss the sack out the window if i think were gettin rolled. fuck it, ill pay and buy another sack, Im not goin back to jail
  10. I was meeting friends with a pipe and about an eighth and they sent me a text saying the police were stopping people at the top of the road I was on. Just hid it well in a bush and went back 10 mins later and smoked that shit.
  11. One day we had some drug dogs in my biotech class to teach us all about how they train em. So i had to hide my bowl and weed in the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom haha
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    EDIT: Also, to contribute more to the thread, no I haven't :D
  13. had to eat 4 oz of blonde hash between 5 of us in a car when pulled over i personally swallowed 4 quarters wrapped in tin foil(very unpleasant) tried to throw them up but failed miserably slept for 18 hours straight and woke up very burst!
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    I understand this to the fullest extent. ive ditched like 5 sacks because of this very thing.

    Fuck jail....fucking going to jail for weed should be a crime against the government.

    I even had to ditch a quarter of some funk once when I got pulled over, I went back to the spot that night at like 2 in the morning, and tried to find it with a flashlight...no luck sadly.

  15. Lol buddy...your wrong there.

    You can't get high from eating just buds....sorry bro your stomach can't break down thc, and insert it into your bloodstream.
  16. m8 you can! your stomach generally contains some fats to absorb the thc not saying it will be as good as a proper edible but you will get high!

  17. false
  18. think what you like!
    i KNOW otherwise.

  19. Im living proof that YOUR wrong

    I ate a bud once and like half hour later i was in the fridge looking for munchies and swaying and walking was all fucked almost like i was a little drunk but i didnt have a head high so i was like wtf :confused: it was only like a .5 nug of bc bud :D
  20. +rep my friend a educated reply.

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