Ever had to sleep in a room with people having sex?

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  1. Used to happen to me all the time, there wasn't much space in my house, at one point I was sharing a small room with 2 other people. Anyway when I was 13 my brother used to have his girl come in there and they'd be fucking and be there listening to it trying to sleep, feeling lonley as a mufucka. And then I was sharing a room with another guy before when I was like 14 and same story, it sucked. Anyone once I stuck a remote control car on the floor it had like bright headlights and stuff. I waited with my remote in my bed. As soon as I heard the sound effects I slammed the it down the switch. "VRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!" And the headlights go on lighting up my brothers bed. The girl got embarresed and left right away and my brothers a little winey bitch hes like "hunnyyyyy!" In this bitch ass voice, I just laughed. I hated that year 13 through 14. Anyone wwho had to be in similar situations?
  2. Yeah when i was visitin my cousin in Alabama, his step brother would always have sex in the same room when were in there. It was a pretty big room, but we'd be on one end playing video games and smoking and they'd be on the other end fucking.
    Kinda weird, i sprayed them with a fire extinguiser one time....oooo they got PISSED...lol it was funny though
  3. Yes, I have, but it was just so I could recharge. The girls kept themselves entertained while I napped.
  4. That's how we do! :D

  5. Word up..

  6. Waking up after a long night of drinking only to see a pair of tripping strangers having nasty ass pig style sex certainly didn't help my hangover.
  7. -yes, while having sex myself
    -yes, while not having sex
    -yes, while someone else was sleeping in the room and i was having sex

    sometimes it just can't be helped, especially in a frat or dorm
  8. No but I have had sex with other people in the room trying to sleep before.
  9. I don't know. Whenever a bunch of people were sleeping in a room after a party there were stories of "yeah we fucked while everyone was sleeping" haha but I don't know if I was ever there.
  10. well i was almost asleep then it started hm yea thats how it normally happens its hapend a few times
  11. How about people actually sleeping?
  12. Well that particular girl had the wettest pussy in the world so it was really loud, plus she kept on giggling and shit... my buddy who was trying to sleep acted like he was asleep the whole time but told me the next morning that he heard it all.
  13. its the worst when you're right next to a bitch thats NOT down to fuck, so yo're sittin there listin to a dude get it on then look over to your left and this bitch is passed out cold instead of suckin the dick
  14. I've been on both sides of this situation before, and it's equally as awkward on both ends.
  15. Why would you put up with people having sex in front of you (assuming you didnt want them too) when you can get up, smack one of them on their ass, I bet they will stop :)
  16. thats fucking gross ughhh
  17. I've had to sleep in a room while people were having sex. I got drunk at my cousin's and passed out. Woke up in the middle of the night to him and some girl doing it. Was pretty awkward. I wanted to get up and leave but then was like, er if I get up and just kinda walk outta the room wouldn't that even be more awkward? So I just ended up laying there with the pillow over my ears...
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    Yup- but it was my girlfriend and another girl. A friend of hers; they came back from the bars and just started goin at it in our room. I joined in. It was a great night. :yay:
  19. Its unavoidable when you live in any sort of dorm setting...college kids f-ck like rabbits.

    Pretty sure I was trying to sleep when my roomates daughter was concieved.
    Oivey akward!
  20. No, but I've had sex in a bed while someone else was in it. TOTALLY stupid of us, but we were horny teenagers....we were in the same bed as my aunt. YEAH! She said if we wanted to sleep together then we had to sleep with her, otherwise, we had to sleep apart. (We were underage of course, and my aunt was cool enough to let my boyfriend come over because she knew my mom was pretty tough on us...)

    So anyways, I convince my then boyfriend, now husband, to sleep in the same bed with me and my aunt. She was asleep, ya know? Well, we got away with it...though we stretched our luck and got caught the second time I think it was. Just, in the end we got caught. lol She was still totally cool about it though...definitely a mortifying experience.
    What the fuck were we thinking?:smoking:

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