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Ever had to call in sick from work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Flyin'High', May 20, 2010.

  1. Today I had to call in sick for work because I got too high. I work at a construction job, and it pisses me off alot.

    I told myself before I started smoking I woulden't allow it to interfere with work, and it did.

    Who else has to have a leave of absence due to :smoke:
  2. I've never called in sick for work in the 3 years i've been working.

    I played hookie from school though plenty of times XD
  3. I call out of work... But never because I'm too high... For me, the higher, the better. Getting baked before work (and on breaks) helps my day go by so much easier. :D
  4. never, although I do go to work high often, but my day to day life was never effected and would see such an opportunity as a time to lay off abit, maybe take a t break. But if this was just a one time thing, got too fucked up, it happens. And my school attendance went way WAYYY up after I began smoking.
  5. probably a good thing you did. wouldn't want to accidentally get someone killed
  6. eh i never dont go bc im too high, usually i try to be as high as possible hahaha, but i have an office of my own so its cool. i used to do carpentry and i think i wold forget measurements too easily if i were stoned haha, i couldnt even remember then, and that was b4 i ever smoked.
  7. Puking my guts out? Should I go in or sleep?

    Sleeping >
  8. #8 Yourcatdead, May 20, 2010
    Last edited: May 20, 2010
    I always use to call in sick when I was younger to go to my friends house. I use to always call in sick 2-3 times a week. Job sucked, paid horrible, management was dicks. I was trying to get a new job anyway. Fuck Frys!
  9. Never called out bc of being too high, but the other day me and my coworker smoked a bowl at lunch and we both got a teeny bit too high,but not enough to interfere with the ability to do our job. Gotta set a limit for yourself next time, ya know?
  10. haha my buddy told me he once called in sick from his work at ralphs because he took like 2 hits off a nice bong and could barely function. needless to say he was a light weight lol.
  11. how many shifts did you have in a day?
  12. i would never go to my job high, and i work construction too, its just too dangerous for me and for people around me too many big trucks/big tools to be high.
  13. Like, I smoked it at 12:15, and had to go to work at 3:30, so I thought it would of eaisly been warn off, but this was like, a super high or some shit.
  14. Meant to say weeks I'll fix that. But I normally worked 4-10.
  15. I've never called in sick because I was too high but I have called in sick cause I was snorting rolls and eating them for like 2 weeks straight, and I couldn't go into Quiktrip geeked out like I was.
  16. I smoke to make it through the work day :smoking:
  17. Once. Way back. I never smoke before work, occasionally a single bowl if I'm stressed out, but I never try to get high. One time I crashed at a friends house and I woke up to him holding a bubbler in my face. Ended up ripping that all morning along with various other pieces. Kid smoked me up harder than I've ever seen and he's usually real stingy. I guess he's a morning smoker?

    Well anyways, after proceeding to do this for a few hours I finally worked up the courage to drive home where I proceed to pass out for a few hours. I woke up a bit before I should have been at work and I had to call out because there was no way I was functioning. Never been so burnt out in my life
  18. I go to work blazed everyday :) i stand at a door and greet people haha i have the best blazed job.
  19. mad times... but its cool, i still got paid
  20. No, but I have called in when I was too drunk. Most shameful day of my life. I never did it again. Ever try calling in sick when you're drunk? It's humiliating.

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