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Ever had this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Imepime, May 9, 2011.

  1. First post,

    I just bought some bud from my guy, she called it Banana Kush. Any of you ever had it?
    If you have; was it good?

  2. its probably not kush :/
  3. im not saying it isnt im just saying the word "kush" is so overused. people call their weed kush to make it sound epic so ppl will buy. but it could be kush and if so, enjoy. if not, who gives a fuck smoke that shit anyway
  4. Oh shit, yeah that's exactly what one of my nugs looks like. Thanks for the link to the review too!
    I'm excited now.

  5. No problem, took me two seconds to google.
    Enjoy your smoke.
  6. welcome and, no.
  7. thats pretty pricey, it must be some dank weed you have there

  8. Don't be. There are hundreds of strains. Most of them look similar in some way. Strain names mean nothing really. One harvest could be completely different from another. Even if they were grown as clones from the same plant.

  9. Only one way to find out really.. SMOKE THAT SHEET.
  10. I will tonight :)
    I'll post back in the thread and let you guys know.
    @Junior, It wasn't that expensive to me imo. $65 for an 1/8th
  11. That was the first I ever smoked... you are going to have a great night my friend.
  12. My friend had some of that a few weeks ago. What state are you in?
  13. I too just picked up some "Banana Kush"
    It was pretty good, but only bought a 20 of it.
  14. The 3 most used names that a dealer will slap on too try to make an extra buck are,

    Bananna kush
    lemon kush
    pineapple express

    It gets annoying as fuck. Forreal. People that try to pass off there mids to kids as pineapple express piss me off.
  15. I live in Maryland.

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