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ever had this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skink420, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. ever gotten, really dank smelling weed, really hairy and cristoled and really sticky weed, but have it turn out to be really shitty?
  2. can't say i have
  3. lol i dont think its possible for weed to smell dank and be pretty crystalized and have it turn out bad...i would say you got shit weed sprinkled with something to make it look
  4. I have had bud before that really let me down considering it looked alot better then it smoked. But never to the extreme you just described.
  5. c'mon dude, you overdramatized it at both ends of the spectrum.
  6. Yes and no. It wasn't totally shitty, but I expected like 10x more because of how beautiful it looked.
  7. nope? lol
  8. u r buggin out lol.
  9. pics or gtfo
  10. ive had bud that was really amazing looking but wasnt impressive as far as the high goes and ive also had bud that didnt really look so great but it got me blazed as fuck. looks can be deceiving.
  11. ive had stuff that just looks alright but doesnt get you very high.i call it pretendica

  12. all he would do is post a pic of a dank nug, then say it was shit...

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