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Ever had this happen?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by plugged, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I currently have 2 strains that I'm smoking. One of them I've bought consistently over the last couple months, the other is a new one for me.

    Anywho, the one I've been buying regularly.. When I smoke it, I don't get very high at all. I just smoked 2 bowls and I'm not high enough for it to be worthwhile.

    When I smoke the "new" strain (not sure what it is called) I'm done after a few hits, and it has nowhere near the THC on it the regular strain does. I just took my first hit off a bowl of this stuff and immediately felt it. A couple more and I'm sure I'll be on this chair for the next couple hours.

    Ok, so I've heard of tolerance build up, to my knowledge it's just a general tolerance to THC, not a specific strain.

    Anyone else ever had something like that happen?
  2. Yes and it's explained in science books.

    There are about 66 chemicles other than THC that get you high. THC just happens to be the famous one, probally cause it affects you the most (not proven). Anyways, another contender is CBD that gets you high. Weed does not have a standard level of these chemicles, they vary from plant to plant depending on various situations (temp, lights, etc). The bud you smoke for a long time, could have high THC levels and you build a tolerance to that. The new bud might have a lot of CBD, which you might not have tolerance for.

    That is why I never buy more than a half ounce, the end of the ounce just doesn't seem to get me high like the first bowl. I smoke sourdiesel nearly everyday without phasing me too much, and then I'll smoke a lesser strain like haze or AK-47 and it'll blow me away.
  3. Remember that you smoked your "new" strain after you smoked the old. I like to change up the strains myself, not for the tolerance, but just to have something different. The same old shit gets boring after a while even if it is the danK.
  4. That's probably it, Budder. +rep

    Old stuff is sativa, new is indica.
  5. Different strains have different chemicals, so if you smoke one strain constantly your body gets use to those chemicals going to the brain, but if you smoke a different strian that the body isnt use to you get blazed you feel it fast, and i belive there in the area of 66 chemicals that get you high and plenty more that are inactive.
  6. I think it's time for me to quit for awhile. Even the "new" stuff didn't last long; only about an hour. :(

    Tolerance breaks suck.

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