ever had this happen? h1n1 flu

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  1. I was reading that guys post about mono, and it reminded me a time I was the sickest I have ever been in my life! I was 16, and got very fucking sick. I finally made it to the doctors and they said I had H1N1. I thought I was a zombie for sure. A few days after that, I was home alone, in the living room watching tv. I got really hot, puked a few times and was sitting on the couch, mind fucked.

    I started thinking about the strangest things, for a minute I thought I was some kind of world leader, and had to make a insane decision that would kill a lot of people and shit. I couldn't stop thinking about how important I was and what this was going to do, it was terrible. Soon after that I started to have vivid, horrifying hallucinations. I was sitting there on the couch, and the coffee table turned into something I cannot even begin to explain to you what it was, the best I can put it is like this.

    It was like a Meteor..? A dark black, solid square mass, 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide. For some reason, I thought it was some crazy alien thing or something, and I had to get rid of it or very bad things would happen. It sounds very strange, and you're probably thinking who the fuck would care about some rock? I think the same thing, but the weight that was on my shoulders, the paranoia, I was so scared, I have never been this scared in my life, I was determined to get the fucking meteor out of my house.

    I then started to lift up my coffee table,to me at the time, it was some meteor thing, and was way to heavy for me to lift, but I'm sure to my dogs watching me I was lifting up a coffee table for no reason. I started to walk in circles and I actually started crying because I couldn't move it. I laid down on the floor and covered my self in a blanket and begged for it to go away. 2 Minutes later my coffee table was back.

    I then walked to go to the bathroom, and the meteor thing was now in my kitchen, were the sink island was. (most of you probably know what i'm talking about, just a counter island in the middle of the kitchen). I ran out to it and started crying again, I started hitting my self in the face and slamming my bathroom door and screaming. I then attempted to lift it up once more, me thinking I'm trying to lift some fucking meteor dangerous thing out of my house, to my pets they see my dumb ass trying to lift up a gigantic island attached to the floor lol.

    After failing to remove this fucking thing again, I started to cry again and went into the bathroom, looking at my self in the mirror, I had my hands on top of my head just staring in the mirror, thinking what the fuck is wrong with me. Took a cold shower and everything stopped. The hallucinations anyways, after my shower I went back to the living room, and just looked around, started touching the coffee table to make sure it was real, and I lifted it up, and had the biggest relief ever because I could lift it. I was still scared as fuck for some reason, because I can't even begin to explain what was going through my head.

    I was sick for about 6 days total. This happened on like the 4 or 5th day, but for weeks after this I was still worried in the back of my head, and couldn't stop thinking about what the fuck happened to me.

    100 % true, nothing changed. It even mind fucks me reading this, what the fuck was that thing!! I hope I never get that sick again. I don't even remember getting any medicine from the doctor either.

    P.S, At the time it was winter, it was a really nice big cozy house, it was just so fucking crazy being in my nice ass living room, watching snow fall outside the windows and then hallucinating like that.

    Also christmas was right around the corner, and my buddy hooked me up with a huge bag of dank AK-47 and I felt a lot better, no were near as I did.
  2. Damn u had it before too, not that bad though
  3. I had H1N1 in 2007. I wasn't officially diagnosed as in "You have H1N1." But, I was sick for about six weeks total.
  4. Sounds like you had a bad fever fried your brain
  5. Damn. I had the flu about 2 weeks ago and I started feeling loopy too, probably because it was a 104-105 fever. Shit just didn't feel real. I was pretty scared too. But I didn't see a giant meteor. So... You were on some next level shit
  6. Damn.. I'm thinking that's what it was a really high fever cause when I took a cold shower I felt a lot better. Oh well. And this wasn't recent it was like a year ago but FUCK h1n1 I hope I never get that shit again.
  7. I had a bad fever when i was like 12 for a few days and kept dreaming I was in WWII and I was seeing all my friends get blown up and every time I fell back asleep I picked right back up in the same dream..freaked me out so much I didn't sleep much..probably happened 6 or 7 times which is crazy
  8. This reminds me od when i got sick when i was younger the room would get bigger and smaller. It was so fucked up.
  9. Yeah this would happen to me too. I remember laying in bed and feeling like the walls were coming in on me like that scene from star wars.

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