Ever had problems in a relation ship or getting on started due to weed ?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zeneb, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. How do you make a post poll?
    Oh well maybe i will do one next time anyway. This peep i really like right my mates and i thought he liked me. Then after what happed on New year eve when he ended up coming out with my mates and i and smoking weed too he said when he was asked what he thought bout me by a mate at scoolhe said that "uhmm she smokes alot.......................and i want to help her stop". My words after that went along the lines of WHAT THE FUCK (sorry bout the laungue but thats what i sed). He smoked with us hyporcrite like how vin desil goes on bout smokers in the film xXx but actually smokes it reall life but he can get away with it cos he is and actor but my guy that i like aint and he got no excuse. Do you think that was a blow off. And we didnt smoke that much it was some nice hydro my cos hooked me up with a 2 dime bags but i got more than that, we barely dented a dime ( maybe jusst finished it( plus i was a bit drunk. i Still really like him but i dont want him to think that i have to get stoned to have fun and stuff? But then again i dont want ot change me for him.......but i was gona quit anway cos all this smoking is bad for my asthma my sickle cell and my bad chest. I mean the smocking helps with pain when i my sickle cell pain and also helps when they i get out of hospital and i have to do the morphine come down, but it aint helping me either. Oh well can anyone shed some light on this and help me figure out what to do. Do i go and try again with him or what he hasnt called me back but it took him a week to call me the first time anyway. ?
  2. take me as i come

    cus i cant stay long...

    if your "mate"cant take you for who and what you are you dont need him !

    the most important thing you can be in this life is your self

    and anyone who trys to keep you from being yourself sucks!

    if you want to be with someone it should be becouse you like them as they are

    not becouse you want to make them into what you think they should be

    dont let anyone tell you how to live you need to decide for yourself

    good luck!
  3. DirtyD is right. Be yourself, always!

    Dude was hypocritical about the smoking thing and hypocrisy usually just proves that one can't stand behind their own convictions but that's a rant that I can go on later.

    People need people in their lives that love them for who they are. If someone wants to change you, then they aren't digging you for you, which then makes them not worth the effort. If you feel the need to stop smoking for whatever reason, then do it for you and no one else. You have to do what makes you happy in life and if what you do makes another happy then that's a bonus but none of it is worth it to anyone involved if you, yourself, aren't happy.

    There are SO MANY people in this world and my advice is to move on and check out all the others who are out there with your same interests and who really think you are cool just the way you are.

    Good luck!
  4. there was someone in my PAST that was a hypocrite too. she didnt like how much I smoked (or drank) and she wanted me to not do it as much. she gave the impression that it was ok if I did it with her, but then still said I overdue it. well it turned out that nothing I did could please her and I regret not getting rid of that cancer sooner. I made myself miserale trying to appease some jerk ass person and disregared myself completely. talk about a lesson learned. I was never unhappier! be tru to yourself and dont let someone else have that control over you!
  5. i've got something similar going on right now. it's not with a potential g/f or anything like that, but rather the best friend i've ever had. we've known eachother for what'll be 5 years in 10 days... and because of the fact that we've both chosen different lifestyles (at least for the time being) we don't talk as much. she's leaving for college in a little more than 2 weeks, and i may very well never see her again. it's sad really, but i'm not ready to chage yet. i like how i'm living for now... that's not to say i won't change later on, but if i do it's going to be because it's what i want.
  6. sometimes i really dont think the high from any drug is worth the amount your risking like trust with your parents and friends and stuff. I mean it aitn all bout the high but sometimes it just feels sad u guys get me. It's sad i went to ann all girls grammar school right it is sad to see how many of my mates ended up twisting out due to drugs of some form and no offence to weed it is a good drug when treated right but right now one of my best mates seems to have lost one her mates to weed cos she think it is cool that she is doing it and that other mate is square cos she dont touch any drugs. got one on coke few dealing lol you guys would scream if you know the name of my school and which important person went there.....................................................................................................................It's just to much sometimes
  7. Just thought i wud fill you all in i am talking to the guy i like tomoz on the way home from school and i am sure he is gona say he "dont like me like that" but i just have to hear him say it thank to you all youve all been dead great and help full :D
  8. It's annoying how people who have never smoked MJ comes up to you and start saying how dangerous it is and how bad it does to you and how you're life could be so much better without it etc. for example there was this girl, we've know each other for a looooong time so we started "hangin out" together last summer, and her other "friends" started asking her if she was using drugs because she didn't contact them, the reason why she didn't have contacted them was because they had quite clearly made it clear that they don't want to see her face ever again, they never called her or anything (this happened before I met her that summer) and the reason why they thought she was using drugs was because she was with me, and then I found out that this wasn't the only case, I had been blamed behind my back for dealing drugs, ruining peoples lives because I've forced them to use drugs, I have never sold any amount of gras or hash or anything else to anyone, I have never forced anyone to smoke anything..... well had to get it out of my chest. thanks for listening.
  9. Yeah Ubik some people are like that and it is hard to ignor rumors or just turn the other cheek.

    Well "NO" he dosent like me but i didn hear that from him i heard it from the girl that he likes lol i was sposed to get a lift home with from school but he didnt turn up. Today i was bad i just thought i wud shar that part of my day with you now i am either ff to wollow in self pity cry or bloddy well brake something.
    Lifes like that u know when it comes to helping other people i am there but no ones here to help me bt you guys i spose yeah u guys.
  10. This is the weeping song
    a song to witch to weep
    This is the weeping song
    To weep while the children sleep....

    Or whatever, point: heads up, there's still tomorrow.
  11. aint been filling u guys in but there is so much more happening now and now it is me that thinks uhmm i aint that keen on you now mate lol :D
  12. Nice to hear that it's you who's holding the strings....
  13. fuck that! dont fuking qiut because he doesnt like it, trust me, when you have weed, thats all the man you need and more, you will have just as fun of a time without him.Keep on blazing up another one!!!!!

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