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Ever had one of those days...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lucid_Reality, May 3, 2003.

  1. ...where nothing is going on, you have no obligations, and you just sorta 'forget' to get high? It's the most surprising thing to me regarding weed - I'll just be on the computer or whatever, no one's home, and it's a Saturday afternoon, and then it will just *CLICK* "WHY THE HELL AM I NOT HIGH?!?!"

    That's kinda what happened today except it's Friday ;) So now I'm freshly baked :)
  2. never
    If i have weed, Im always thinkin abuot it, ll ol: )
  3. haha, I guess I'm just not as big a stoner as you huh? ;)
  4. hehe dunno
    but I just broke my little wooden bowl trying to clean it..
    wood broke!
    but, i patched it back together with the resin i cleaned out of the bowl! lol

    hey it works :D
  5. never, weed is always on my mind

    so is every other drug

    mmmmmm i wanna get fucked up tonight!!!

  6. yeah i've had those days. or, i'll sit there and go "i should pack a bowl." 2 hours later, no bowl has been packed. then you realize it, and go "maan, i should pack that bowl now." 2 hours later, realize again it's not been touched, repeat.

  7. haha same here!

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