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Ever had any teachers that new you smoked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vinchenzo, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Has anyone ever had any teachers that knew you smoked but were cool with it?
    I had 2 my sophomore year and they were pretty chill about it haha but they never talked about it directly lol

  2. Most of my teachers knew I smoked. I don't know what they thought about it and I really don't care.
  3. several of my high school teachers smoked, most still do. i even toked with the principle, who was my moms childhood friend. so the teachers didnt keep up much of a professional appearance when we were alone. plus i was lucky enough to goto a school with less then 100 people, so everyone really got to know each other.
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    All of my teachers and school staff knew I smoked. I Got kicked out of school for smoking in the bathroom with my one hitter because a "friend" narced and said I was "forcing" him to smoke with meSent from my HTCEVODesign4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Most of my teachers did smoke back in highschool was crazy obvious but yeah I had probably 3-4 that knew I smoked never was a big deal though.
  6. Yeah my homeroom teacher and thr aids always cracked jokes about me being high in the morning. "Open your eyes, before you walk into a wall!"
  7. Ahaha i burned with my sexy journalism teacher in 10th grade she picked me up and i burned a FAT blunt with her. No, i never fucked her but i would of hit it in a heartbeat.

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  8. All of them knew in high school.
    Got pulled out of class and searched and everything for it too.
    Principals were assholes about it. I remember one time as I was leaving the school for the weekend he said "Make good decisions this weekend."
    Had my Law teacher near the end of my Grade 12 year, she kept me after class and gave me some lecture. "I've heard rumours but I won't debate if they're true or not, I just hope you make the right choices in life." haha. 
  9. ^this^ :hello:
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    Exo, you want to have a little fun? Find the addresses of your teachers and principals, then print up these three articles.
    Pot compound seen as tool against cancer      (news – 2012)
    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's      (news - 2006)
    Not Feeling Well? Perhaps You're 'Marijuana Deficient'       (news – 2010)
    Don't sign them- just write "I made the right choice. Did you?"
  11. High school physics and psychology teacher the physics teach just bluntly just asked if I did and I answered honestly and we were still as cool as ever man I loved those two classes only high school classes I truly enjoyed
  12. All my teachers knew i smoked. I used to kick it with seniors. Everyday we would show up for school late after boxing my friends grandmas mini van.

    Then we would blow again at lunch. Usually i would come back like halfway through my electives smelling like a pound giggling with other dudes from the class.

    I fucked up hs. Cant say it wasnt fun tho.
  13. my math teacher was talking to a group of students at the end of class, idk what about, but i walked up to ask a question and before i could even form a sound she looks at me and goes "ya i know YOU smoke" i was like wtf but couldnt stop laughing... i never asked my question either. i think the students were talking to hjer about smoking.
    other than that at least 50% of my teachers had to know, but i doubt they were "cool" with it
    my english teacher freshman year would always give me a hard time when i was high, he was cool but i think if i gave him a reason too he wouldve snitched to admin. my history teacher new freshman year also.. he gave everybody a hard time but especially me cause i would always come in high or late.
    there was like a 3 week period where i would leave during lunch in my 3rd period class (the teacher took attendance then we went to lunch then came back to class)  and i didnt come back for 4th which was history. then my first day back to history class i came in incredibly stoned  and was geekin and chink eyed. he stopped his lecture and just stared me down and began walking up the aisle staring into my eyes with the most intense look AND I COULD NOT STOPLAUGHING i literaly fell out of my chair. then he walks to the board with his back turned ssays "yeaa i was jusssst checkin" and the whole class erupted
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    All my teachers knew I smoked, almost everyone in my highschool smoked So as long as you aren't being an ass hat they didn't give 2 fucks not even the principal i remeber walking in high and the security officers would tell me im a dumbass for not using axeSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. My, creative writing teacher did. Lol
  16. My Crim Justice professor did....pretty sure he does too, he wrote his doctoral thesis on the correlation between the night scene and ecctacy use.
  17. Most teachers I know don't really care what you do on your own time. They're more worried about the next day's lecture and grades.
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    My art teacher was a straight G. First day of class, I remember she said "I don't care if you're high, just don't be annoying." Ceramics class one time kids were hitting clay on purpose to make the room hella dusty. Teacher yelled, said it was a hazard and not to do it, so like a sarcastic asshole I started coughing and pretended like I couldn't breathe. She was like "Oh come on (name), the amount of weed you probably smoke? This dust is nothing!"

    We used to literally tell the stats teacher in 12th grade what we did. We would go to the teacher and be like "Alright then Mr. Smith, me and Joe are about to go smoke this blunt and sip on some Patron... Erm I mean we're gonna go to the library and work on stuff for another class." He would just tell us that if we get caught, don't tell the admins that you were in his class and left. Just tell them you were ditching

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