Ever had an awkward moment with your dealer

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  1. so my dealer, who is a girl drives me to school everyday we take her car and split gas money. (saving $$$)

    but anyway i remember giving her a $20 when i was picking up some bud from her and said bring me it to class tomorrow she told me to wait after the weekend for some dank so i paid her beforehand...thing is i don't want to be rude and eff up my connections by not remembering if i gave her money or not

    lol i think its funny because it reminds me of when i was a beginner toker in 8th grade and most likely was overpaying these dealers in my neighborhood..should i just ask her...im already on thin ice with her because i keep her waiting almost everytime i need some bud .. shes very arrogant :confused_2:

    but really i was just wondering if anyone did this before, even though this is a random ramble
  2. I want what you're smoking.
  3. I'd remind her.

    Not like she's gunna get super offended by one reassurance question
  4. wait, let me get this straight. You gave her 20 bucks up front, and recieved nothing for it. And now you're worried about offending her? You must have your head on backwards man.
  5. If anything OP, she should be worried about offending you. Regardless of how many times you kept her waiting, you paid up front and waited the entire weekend, you should get what you pay for.

    It seems you guys have a good system going on, if she tries to screw you by making you pay twice cut ties because she's deceptive.
  6. so i just got done robbing mine and couldnt figure out how to open the door, i looked at him and was like "LOLWUT?"
  7. AHAHAHA u robbed ur dealer n when u were leaving u wtfd him cuz fdoor wont open
  8. some of the people on here... jesus...
  9. Dealer gets caught smoking a bong by his parents and blamed me.
  10. My old dealer always used to talk about his relationship troubles with me. Not that I minded or anything but the guy just got way in to the details. Like, I'm here to buy weed man. Not talk about your difficulty getting it up or why your gf's vagina smells like sulfur.
  11. I dont usually have awkward times with my dealer cause hes one of my best homies.. Always hooks it up and does it real. No bullshitt.

    Same for my wax dealer, hes a chillin ass bro and always tosses me a free gram or two of his prime shit whenever I snag some off em.

    He even bootlegs some shit and gets at me for that same with some replicated stogies
  12. one time i accidentally put my hands on my dealers cock
  13. You got to find yourself a dealer who you are more comfortable around. I remember when I was younger and all paranoid and worried what dealers were think about me. Are they annoyed by me? And when no one would text me back I'd think "fuck, I bet they are all telling each other to annoy me". Getting weed was so stressful.

    Having a dealer who is actually your friend is the best thing in the world.

    For about a year my dealer was an old friend from middle school. I used to give him and his brother rides and he'd always smoke me out on the drive over. He always hooked it up too. What a good dude.
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-ZNRpNsm54]Daniel Tosh or Tosh.0 STOLE this video from me! Robbing a Weed/Drug Dealer goes Terribly Wrong!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Yeah one time I called my dealer for a bag, and he said come over in 5-10 minutes.

    So I wait 5 minutes and ride over. I usually walk cuz his house is close, but I was tired.. sue me -_-

    I've known this guy for years so he said whenever I know you're coming over, just walk in.. i'll hear you.

    I got a call as I was goin in the house and took it... I didnt hear what was goin on upstairs and I walked into the living room and hes piping his gf..

    He did up the bag of weed with a half-boner it was so fuckin weird
  16. did he at least put his shorts back on?
  17. [quote name='"makinthelul420"']did he at least put his shorts back on?[/quote]

    Nope, he was just standing there, erection slowly pulsating, with long stringy ropes of semen dripping off the end of his bruised purple cock down into the bag, down the sides, and onto the nugs.

    Added an extra .5g when he was weighing it out

  18. just read this and

    what. the. fuck.

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