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Ever had all your dealers dry at the same time?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Radio Flyer, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. For the passed two days every single dealer that is in my phone, and every single person who smoked herb has been dry for the past two days. I have gotten to the point of where I havent bought mids in a long time and I was not resorting to it last night. I even got to the point of calling people that I don't even know to find some bud.

    I ended not getting anything, but met some new people that sold, so I geuss there was some good out of it. Everyone re-upped today so I have quite a bit of variety so I'm getting some Jack Herrer.

    This ever happen to anyone, when everyone is re-upping tomorrow?
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    Yep and it sucks. Thats what I save the keif for (from the catch) , on those days waiting for a refill if needed.
  3. Normally I have kief but I dropped it in a Dank Birthday Blunt with a friend.

  4. ive been in the same position many times.those days i would probablypunch a baby for a sack
  5. nah, i always have a supply luckily...but i feel for ya
  6. I've had my heady connects dry but could still have gotten beastiers or good outdoors. luckily I always place an order when I'm down to an 8th or so.
  7. same position dude...been dry for the entier weekend and still going.just like you ive hit up every connect i have, even my friends to see whats good with them, and people i rarely ever talk to...even outsourcing to my friends who live down the shore, nor*jers, and PA.most are also dry there too.

    luckily one of my friends from PA is pulling through with a zip of some kb/beasters[shall do for now] for me tomorrow.i had to resort for the past few days to buy mids from a douche bag of a dealer.i don't even want to hit him up again just because hes that much of a d-bag.
  8. Been there many times major ass.

    Then I pull out the resin and the bong and hope someone pulls through.
  9. Yea. Its a problem when you really need it.
    But I don't see why people freak when they can't smoke, or get the ultra-est chronic. I loooves me my 'beasters.' Sativas are fucking good buds, good high. I like it more than getting retarded when I got shit to do.
  10. yea it always sucks. it seems during summer prices go up and its harder to find, probably because the outdoor buds are all gone from last year around june and now the indoor is whats around but its a lot harder to find. all i can recommend is to network more and look for more hooks. a friend with weed is a friend indeed
  11. all the fuckinjg time
  12. yeah but i think all my dealers get from the same guy, lol
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    thats one good thing about living in NY, its impossible to be dry, theres just way to many dealers here.

    Throw a rock and you would prolly hit one.
  14. listen to my journey. I live in northeast MS. been lookin for about a week and a half now. i went from Corinth, MS to Tupelo to Fulton to Okolona to Houston, MS. that's where all the places i know to go to get it almost always have it. i found nothing. everyone and I mean EVERYONE is dry in the north MS area. so my friend and I made a final decision and we're growin our own. in other words don't move to MS expecting to find weed....let alone good weed unless you grow it on your own
  15. You don't happen to live in London do you Radio Flyer?

    I'm experiencing the same thing here.
  16. happens every time.
  17. all the times in london ..

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