ever had a perfect night that went to shit like instantly?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wv dro, May 13, 2011.

  1. im drunk and the song im listening to gave me the idea to make this thread. i think these stories would be interesting.

    so please post yours.

    i will post the 2 i have when im sober.
  2. I was gonna be goin to the movies with this bitch this weekend plus I picked up some weed today.

    She bailed so yeah I know how that is.

    Wait a minute I still have weed.

    Nope night ended perfect.
  3. just had amazing sex on the floor

    stood up to go to the restroom

    stepped on my brand new shades

  4. went to a awesome club st patricks day, got there early, paid for VIP and got to that perfect drunkeness and stoned combination. My friend who droves younger brother go so drunk by the time he showed up to the club that he couldnt walk and was trying to fight everyone and my friend had to leave early and drive him home....he was also our ride home so we had to leave too........

    i was fucking pissed because some hot ass girls i know came up there to specifically meet me.
  5. im still drunk as fuck but ill write. i was 15 and the night had been perfect. it was a friday and we went straight from school to grab a half. then we go to an abandonned house. smoked probably half of the half O. then i started to flirt with this blonde i had been chasing for awhile. got to finger her (i was 15 this was actuallly an accomplishment). after that bottles got broken out and next thing i remember is saying i gotta go home. then 3 blocks from my house im just chillen walkin and i hear my name. turn around and see about 6 people i had "beef" with. got scared and ran like a motherfucker. made it into my older cousins house and was fine but on the way their i fell and cut my face all up.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. haha. it was the whole side of my face. ear and everything.

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