Ever had a friend that would come over and smoke all your stuff?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Azureth, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. I have this friend who's usually cool to hang out with but holy crap, he just smokes and fills bowl after bowl after bowl and smokes just about all of it, especially when he drinks. Today I had about 4 grams, by the time he left about 5 hours later I have under a half a gram left, just enough for one small bowl.

    What's really irritating is he has his medical card and for about a year now has been growing his own but complains he's always out.
  2. Yeah that doesn’t add up.
    Don’t let him have access to your weed.
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  3. What a leech. Wait for his next harvest and clip some branches if hes growing.

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  4. tell him to hook u up wit dat dank chronicc :smoke::hello:
  5. Sounds like your friend needs to get their own usage under control, and respecting your property/throwing in more. I mean if it's just free...you need to put a foot on that and have the awkward conversation.
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  6. So would you recommend I tell him if he comes over he needs to bring his own or set a limit?

    Also I don't know anything about growing but despite growing his own for so long he always complains he is always running out. I thought if you grow your own you should never have to worry about running out.
  7. Roll a thicc blunt 2 da dome
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  8. Wher da weed at.
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  9. Keep your stash secure especially if you have friends who like to help them self whenever they stop by.

    I wouldn’t get get into an argument over this with the guy I’d just keep my stash put up an when company drops by just go and bring out what you feel like sharing. If you don’t feel like sharing tell him you’re out.
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  10. Pends on the size of plant/s he's growing. It takes up to about 4months on a good turn around to have product, planting the seed to harvesting and curing... unless he's growing for the lbs he's going to be out
  11. Don't tell us, tell him. Good communication is important and since you're the one with a problem then you need to bring it up. Use words. Moochers don't take hints or read body language.
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  12. Well said!
  13. you should invite him over to smoke, and when he shows up tell him that you'll both has to smoke his stash because you're out D: and then when he says he has none, then the awkward mooching conversation will come up more organically
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  14. IMO keep it friendly and say, "You smoked most of my stash. The next eighth (or quarter etc) is on you, ok?" And make sure it happens before sharing any more of your stuff with him.
  15. Your friend cant smoke all your weed .. if you don’t let him smoke all your weed...
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  16. Moochers gonna mooch. Get rid of him.
  17. Dayton family smoke for free
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