ever had a cig or joint put out on your body?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 17, 2003.


ever had a cig or joint put out on your body?

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  1. ever had a cig or joint put out on your body?
  2. yea... i can put a cigerette out on the palm (base part) of my hand and not even feel it really....i got'me some of them werking hands....

    not that i do it often... ut its real good for intimadating people at parties.....

    i can put them out on my tounge too, but thats just a trick an actually not touching my tounge...
  3. ya i can do both of those too................:D
  4. a guy did that to my horse when he was drunk and hanging out with my sister...let's just say i think he is still crying in the fetal position out in the back pasture.
  5. the guy or the horse???

    if someone did that shit to any one of my pets, they would be crying too.
  6. definitely the guy is still out in the back 40...my horse is just fine :)
  7. yeah I put them out on the palm of my hand from time to time if I am very stoned stoned or drunk. Part of my stoner magic trick.
  8. Never tried anything like that. I like to put them out on normal things.
  9. Ever heard of that thing where 2 guys put theres arms next to each other and drop a lit cigar between them and whoever moves first loses. My dad did that and has 2 big circle burn marks on his arm from it.
  10. I used to hold lit cigarettes against my arm, amongst other
    things. Does that count?
  11. a friend of mine started putting cigarettes out on a spot on his leg, and he did it so much that he now can do it without feeling any pain. well one time he was showin people the spot and took out a pocket knife and started pokin the spot. well he cant feel anything there and the knife went into his leg. a knife was sticking out of his leg with blood trickling down, and he didnt feel it. that had to be one of the weirdest things id ever seen.
  12. I read this thread and thought shit that wont hurt and let me tell you that it doesnt hurt for to long but then it starts to burn.dont try it when you stoned on some good dank.

  13. on my left arm i have 2 burns
  14. i've never intentionally put one out on me...

    i've accidentally slammed them into my legs a few times,
    i had someone put one out intentionally on my arm once... or at least i think thats what happened... its kinda hard to remember, i was more drunk than i think i have ever been.... the burn is on my right arm so i dont think it was self inflicted anyways,
    i almost had some nut put one out in my eyeball. sick fucker he was.
  15. While riding in a car with my sister and her friend, her friend went to point out the window and jammed her cig. into my left cheek. Hurt like hell. My hands are almost impervious to heat and cold due to having worked in extremes of both , but I never saw the sense in showing it off.
  16. A year ago my stepdad, mom, and I were sitting down on a sofa watching the godfather, which I have seen like 20 times. My mom was drinking a lot and my stepdad got pissed. He called her a stupid drunk slut and made her cry. I asked what his fucking problem was and he told me to fuck off, he told me my mom was stupid (i guess he was drinking as well) and that Im going to turn out the same way. I lit a ciggarette and after I inhaled I flicked it at his head (the ashes sprayed all over his face but didnt burn him) lol....I got up and didnt come home for a week, those were the days, and thank god i'm hundreds and hundreds of miles away from all those crazy fucking family members I had to grow up with.

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