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ever had a bad experience with weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highdays420, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. any one ever had a bad experience ? like greening out, or feeling sick or whatever and think that you were never going to smoke weed again? share your story!

  2. I get all the bad side effects from weed, hence why I quit.
  3. after smoking too many times in a day i get a headache and really lethargic
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    Feel sick if I have some badly grown/cured bud, Im pretty good at pacing myself so I dont green out.Sent from my SPH-D710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. My first time I got so crazzzy high I was scared to death and I was all alone in the woods late at night so that didn't help lol.
    I couldnt even function I wasn't even sure I was awake and not dreaming! Now I wish I could get that high again
  6. I've gotten the yellows like twice. Yellows is just what we call it when you smoke too much or too much at once and you're nauseous, dizzy, etc. Anyway the first time I got it I was freaking out pretty bad, I didn't think weed could make you feel bad, at least not in that major of a way. But you just suck it up and breathe it out. Haven't gotten them lately because the amount it would take me to have smoked too much has risen.
    As far as paranoia goes, though, I've had plenty of nights where I was bugged out. One time upstate I walked to get food at like 2 am. There was snow everywhere, and it's a long walk from campus to town. My friend who I was with had to bail early so I was left to walk the hour long walk by myself in the complete eerie silence of a snowstorm not to mention the absolute darkness that was all over where town ends and the county road begins. Scariest high of my life. 
  7. Twice I've had a bad experience.
    1) Friend's birthday party. Girl I liked was there. She wasn't high and starting chatting/cuddling with my friend. Kindof slipped into my own little world to forget about it. Ended up sitting on the floor not moving at all for almost 5 straight hours. About 3 hours later, she left. I was still in a comatose-like lethargy. My friends thought I had died and slapped me in the face. I awoke. Only to collapse on the couch and fall asleep and woke up with a sore neck from how I fell onto the couch.

    2) 4/20 party. (this story was NOT a day killer). Chillin in friends basement with a half ounce between three of us. Late night. Had a small glass bong. Took 3 HUGE hits (I usually smoke from a bowl, wasn't used to a bong). Sat down. Delayed reaction, hits actually hit me. Like a freight train. Climb up the mountain of stairs. Vomited in the sink. Rinsed it down. Passed out on the kitchen floor.
  8. I've never had bad experience while high - never been paranoid or anything like that.
    However, after years of smoking many bowls a day out of a glass pipe, I have a cough (twice a year I cough up black goo, it's disgusting) and when I get sick it definitely lasts longer than it should. I really should switch to a bong or vape, but I love my bowl.

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