Ever had a bad banana?

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  1. So I was eating a banana the other day and the thought came to me, I have never had a bad banana. Now I'm not talking about an unripe banana. Meelee and hole filled apples, peaches, nectarines. Unbearably dry oranges (I get so pissed off when I peel an orange and it turns out to be one of those incredibly dry pieces of shit). Basically I've had a "bad" of almost every kind of fruit I've eaten. Except for a banana (again, I'm not talking about unripe bananas (and I'm also not talking about brown spots on the peel because they are normal and it tastes even better under them)). So you ever come across a bad banana?
  2. No, now that I think of it. I've never had a bad banana. I've had plenty of bad-looking bananas, but they all tasted normal .

    Story of my life.
  3. Damn..
    i love the simple things
    that get you thinking
  4. bananas supposedly give you weird dreams.
  5. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever directly eaten a bad banana. Whenever my bananas start to go brown I always make banana bread or banana choc. chip muffins. Much more tasty and filling then just bananas. Also, if anyone is looking for a tasty bedtime / munchy snack, take some toast, peanut butter then slice some bananas on top. I swear you will cream.

  6. Bananas are pretty rockin, my parents' pit bull used to love bananas. Anytime I would eat one he'd get all up in my face and drool on me. One day I was feeling like a dick so I fed him a piece of the peel and he hasn't eaten a banana since. So if you're looking for a bad banana experience eat the peel, otherwise I don't think you'll ever be disappointed with this wonderful, phallic fruit.
  7. Ya know something weird..Bananas..everytime I eat one it makes the roof of my mouth itch, but I cant stop eating them, there good.

    Ive had a nasty tasting one in a Banana split before tho, yuck.
  8. Working in the food service industry.. I'd have to say yes, I've had more bad bananas than I can count. You wouldn't believe how many we throw away. Ate one though? Nope.
  9. im thinkin im gonna eat a banana before i go to bed
  10. Banana's are good for your body, there supposedly a "wonder fruit" meaning they have more benifit's then most.

    I don't eat them that often but dip one in chocolate and freeze it then one day get super fucking high and get it outa the freezer and youll thank me.
  11. I lol'd.

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