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Ever gotten sick from blazing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NH herb, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Never happend to me, but if you guys have any stories i would love to hear 'em:smoking:
  2. Too much kief in a bowl when I was a relative weed virgin, got the sweats and just felt sick as shit. Then it broke and I was pretty high actually haha :smoking:
  3. never gotten sick from just weed, but i've definitely yacked a lot if i'd been drinking a lot then i blazed.
  4. Well I haven't really ever gotten sick, but I definitely had a bad high once. What happened was at around 9 PM or so I chiefed a dub with my friend and bought a brownie for later. Well I got home around 1030 PM and was still pretty high. Then I decided to eat my brownie because I didnt expect it to be very strong and I just wanted a chill high so I could watch TV, munch, and pass out on my couch. Anyways, about a half an hour later I was tripping TERRIBLY. Like definitely the worst high I had ever felt because I guess the brownie had a lot more weed in it(and was much stronger) than I thought. If I had to describe it, it felt like I was in an ocean as the entire room was swaying back and forth up and down like waves. Not to mention my heart was beating like a motherfucker and I had the chills and was drenched in sweat. Plus I couldn't even walk and it felt absolutely retarded physically and mentally. Needless to say, it was the one time I did not enjoy my high, but I still have no idea how it turned out so terrible(and no its not like I'm a puss or something).

  5. Badfish ive experienced this many times. I have GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) The first few times i would smoke i thought i was dying and my heart was beating and i felt like my organs were tunring into liquid and swaying back in forth in my chest. Needless to say i took a brake after that. I was young though (13yrs)

  6. ^ yeah same here.
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    well, i took the hugest hit ever on my friends 2 foot percolated bong.

    ... you could not see light through the bong during the hit. i dont cough when i smoke, i refrain from it. people say it makes you higher but i find that false and it hurts my chest.

    ... so after about 3 seconds i exhaled by going....BLEEEEGH!!!..(threw up)

    ...hugest hit ever in my life. it sucks i threw up though. i was still smoking the bong lol. i just didn't take as big as a hit.

    .. the puking could have been because i drank vodka before, or just because it was a huge cloud and dried my throat so much it needed to be wet{idk if u understand what i said}.

  8. I've never been sick from it, but I know two kids who claim they can't smoke without getting a headache and throwing up, so perhaps some people can have a sort of allergic reaction. I've never heard any scientific research on this or anything, but I know that the baasic theory of why people become allergic to things is that their body perceives something as a threat, some theorize this can be caused by being too cleanly thus making your body bored or overreactive/super sensitive. This means that it would be plausible that someones body could recognize marijuana as a threat I suppose, but the fact that we have actual cannabinoid receptors makes me skeptical as well. Idk, maybe people can be allergic to it, maybe not, I kind of think these kids just smoke too much schwag :)

  9. my method of controlling those types of situations is just to accept the high, and try to not think your gonna die or your too high... just always think of high as the best thing that could ever happen
  10. I smoke a pretty good amount and been smoking for a while, but a few times ive just gotten fucked out of my mind... Ill get sick, just feel like shit. This one time i went to the movies with some friends and i could barely look at the screen cuz i was so sick and it made me feel really bad.. Ive puked a few times from just weed. Doesn't make any sense, i can get drunk and high and be fine, but every now and then from just weed ill just get really sick, not be able to lift my head or stand without just feeling horrible. When it happens i usually have to just lie down or keep my head down on something and eventually i usually puke pretty violently for a while and then it gets better... idk really fucking weird and id like to prevent it if anyone has any ideas. After consulting with ppl and the internet, apparently it might be from taking too big hits/holding too long and/or swallowing smoke and/or being dehydrated. So im holding hits less long now because i learned it barely helps anyway and trying to make sure i drink a lot... hopefully it helps b/c when it happens its not a good experience.

    Also my friend says that like everytime he blazes he'll start getting migraines like a week after... very strange.

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