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Ever gotten extreme paranoia from smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dopestep, May 5, 2011.

  1. Im not talkin about minor paranoia or a little legitimate paranoia that most people get occasionally, maybe you see a cop car driving behind you while your high and you get a little paranoid. thats normal, im talking about completely unwarranted, unprovoked paranoia.

    ill start off the thread with my own personal story. basically i have some very minor anxiety problems and when i smoke a strong sativa i sometimes freak out a bit. about 2 months ago i bought some white widow from a friend who picks up from dispensaries. knowing white widow is a great strain i couldn't pass up the opportunity. so i bought the sack and cruised home.

    when i got to my room i packed a bowl and went to my window and took a fat snap and blew it out the window. my parents werent coming home for a few hours so i knew i was fine. my next door neighbor could possibly see me from my window but i made sure she wasnt around first like always. i packed another bowl and repeated the process. about 5 minutes later i was feeling pretty damn high and was walking down the hall way of my house when i heard my neighbors voice from the window. couldnt tell what she said but it sounded like " i saw him in the window"

    this is where my high went really bad.... for the next hour i was freaking out and was convinced that my neighbor saw me smoking at the window and that she was going to call the cops. (idk why i thought that, it was so irrational) then at one point i heard her knock on my front door and call my name but i was upstairs and too scared to go down. later i heard a car pull up into my drive way and i swear i heard a megaphone so i was freaking out thinking the cops came and looking through the blinds like a god damn crazy person. i was then downstairs when i started to hear voiced coming from my parents room..... but my parents werent home... i was convinced someone had broken into my room and was stealing shit but then they heard me and decided to hide in my parents room. i was so scared i couldnt walk upstairs and i was about to grab and knife from the kitchen and walk upstairs but i would have felt insane if i did that so i just sucked it up and went upstairs about 20 minutes later... once my brother got home all of the paranoia went away and i felt alot better....

    at the time i had been smoking for over a year daily so my tolerance was fairly high. i always have access to medical as well so i almost always smoke top shelf.... this white widow really fucked me in the head tho.

    sorry that was so damn long. i tend to ramble.

    TL;DR: i smoked white widow alone in my house and thought my neighbors called the cops to my house and then i thought there was a burglar with a knife hiding in my parents room.

    any one else?
  2. :laughing:
  3. If you get that paranoid, it's a good sign you shouldn't be smoking bud in that situation. If you are that paranoid, that obviously means you were sketched on it from the beginning, which can never be good.
  4. i lived in a really bad neighborhood, and i was flippin o's and smoking a LOT of weed all the time, and some crackheads parked their van out front of my house to smoke crack in it cause they knew i wouldnt call the cops.

    i fuckin thought they were comin in man
    i was sure they were coming to rob me and fuck me up
    i started calling people on the phone for help

  5. Now this is a reason to be paranoid hahaha.
  6. 5 years of smoking and ive only ever had 2 bad experiences, one time i greened out and this was the other bad experience... what if i stopped skating just because i ate shit one day?

    although i do agree that if paranoia is consistent its def a sign to stop smoking. this was just one rare anomaly

  7. Never said you should stop, I was just implying you should do it in a different location where you don't have that little thought in the back of your head that's telling you someone might see you.
  8. Just don't put yourself in that situation smoke some were your %100 comfortable
  9. haha yea true, only thing is my neighbor is actually pretty chill about that kinda stuff and my parents would be totally chill if they found out i smoke. i just dont want em to know because i respect them and know theyd appreciate the fact that im not blatant about it. although my dad found my pocket knife that i used to clean bowls and it had res on the blade so he prob assumes i smoke anyways.
  10. One time when I was really high a strange number was calling my phone, and kept on calling. I was kind of freaked out.

    Then, about half an hour later some one starts pounding on my front door. At this point I was pretty concerned. The pounding eventually stopped, only to resume at my back door. Now I am really freaking out.

    Next thing I know my front door is opening and I hear a person walking up the steps (I live on the top floor of an over/under duplex). Panicking, I sprint out the back door to hide out in the basement. After a couple minutes I heard a familiar voice asking my downstairs neighbors if I was home.

    It turns out that I forgot to save my best friend's new phone number, and also forgot that he was stopping by that night and I had told him to just come in when he got there.

    That was a good time.
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  12. yeah i was REALLY fuckin high man
    like at the door with a gun high
  13. hell i woulda been too. i was almost knife in hand at the bottom of the stairs high for no reason hahaha
  14. #14 BMORE HiiiGH, May 5, 2011
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    Wow that's crazy, I wish I had what you were smoking lol
  15. i was pressing OG kush hash
  16. I had it really bad, for a long time to. I could only get a buzz, if I got higher then that I immediately thought the cops were coming.

    Can I ask if you got arrested before or had something to do with the police or breaking the law? Your paranoia is just coming from doing something illegal and being punished for it. While you're smoking you're already looking out, over your shoulder, or wherever to see if you're being watched. That already is a bad sign, not that it's bad to be observant but it's bad for the reason you're doing it because your setting yourself up for a trap in your own mind.

    I believe in my tree so hard and am such a passionate smoker that when I get high I get really proud lol. I want to get into a debate with someone who has negative thoughts on it and try to inform them on why they should not have those thoughts.
  17. If bud wasn't illegal there wouldn't be a reason to be paranoid..
  18. haha actually yea i got arrested bout 5 years ago for smoking at school. but im really not that paranoid. i live in california and getting caught with weed is just an infraction, you get a small fine and thats it.
  19. Yep...led to me having a panic attack. Long story short, i was smoking in a pretty risky situation and i began feeling sketched out. Ended up having a can of cider too, 'to calm my nerves' but as you can guess it had the opposite effect of strengthening the feelings i already felt...
  20. i havent been super paradnoid without a reason but ive been really freaked out before lol.

    once time i was high as f@ck and decided to watch afro samurai , that was wayyyy too intense and i started feeling like i was getting stabbed as well so i watched pineapple express instead=)

    another time ... before you read this one you might or might not want to get extremely high so u can understand.

    anyways i started imagining the universe as a tangible black rubberish stretched band in front of me, and i could literally see it (in my mind) well it started to unravel at the ends and i starting thinking about what would happen if the universe actually would unravel and got really freaked out hahaha

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