Ever gotten caught on a blunt cruise?

Discussion in 'General' started by automaticlover, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Has anyone here ever got caught specifically for a blunt cruise? Or for something else while taking a b cruise? Details please. I've never gotten caught, but I rarely ever do this. I haven't in months. Too paranoid.
  2. Yup, we weren't cruising but we got caught hotboxing in a parking lot

    Cops took the weed, had a good laugh then let us go. Gotta love Seattle
  3. lucky you. some cops impound your car for that shit even if you weren't driving while blazing.
  4. I got pulled over while smoking a blunt, car reaking. I ate it the blunt. The cop said he thought I was on my cell phone but didn't say anything about the weed smell. I showed him my recent calls and he let me go. Gotta love New Rochelle, NY.
  5. I did that shit twice when I was young but then realized how fuckin stupid it was and never did that again.I don't even roll in my car

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