Ever Got So Stoned?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blazed4dayz, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. This past sunday, I had the intent of making a firecracker with a smoking buddy. Pretty much from 1-6, we got high smoking. Then we made our firecrackers, got high off of them and continued to hit the bong. We (I) was gone...

    Then as if thats not enough, my other buddy calls me up asking if him and another friend (that I know) can come over and sesh with me. He told me he had 3grams, so I tell him to come over. I tell the smoking buddy he has to dip cause I got other company coming over.

    From about 9pm all the way to 1am, we smoked. Oh and he brought 4grams of medical stuff. Damn that was sticky! So sticky, we couldnt even grind it up.
    By the end of the sesh, we weren't making sense. The words we used in our sentences made no sense, it was hilarious cause we thought we were..

    Anyways, so 1am rolls around and they leave. I had my eye on taking a nice relaxing bath and so finally I did. But I didn't prepare for what happened...

    I was in my bath tub relaxing, and then all I remember is me waking up frantically, gasping for air. Turns out I fell asleep in the tub, and I ended up sliding down into the water which woke me up. I stayed in the tub for another 15m cause I was too high to move or get out.

    Just sayin...this never happened to me lol.
  2. I remember my first hit
  3. First time I made firecrackers I ate too much and greened out lol
  4. BOred one day made firecrackers total of 4 grams of maui wowie. (not sure if it really was but it dank non the less). Ate all of em thinking id just sleep if it got too intense. I remember laying in bed feeling like im on a roller coaster hahha. High as shit the next day too lol.

  5. I remember my first Troll.
  6. Yeah like honestly, fuck off lol.

  7. Quoted for truth.
  8. Wasn't my first hit.
    But mmmk. Lets pretend you guys wouldn't get fucked over by 4grams, all good.


    BA, John. All you guys do is troll, so why not just Gtfo out of the thread?
  9. I have every right to say that I found your story hard to believe and immature.
  10. Why did you just make the first dude leave ?
  11. Truth be told, that is what happened. Believe it or not, I was fucking high as all hell, the state I was in really wanted to goto sleep. So I did..in my bath tub.

    W/e you just joined the site, 20 posts. I don't care about your opinion, as your just a troll. A very bad troll.
  12. I guess everyone who has less than 500 posts is a troll?

    Try harder kiddo.
  13. Dude his story isn't even hard to believe, chill out. You act like it's hard to fall asleep somewhere relaxing...
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    Dude, if you don't like what he's preachin', get out of his church.

  15. How am I trolling?

    Troll:One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument

    If I were a troll i'd be gone by now and have 0 rep...
  16. OP if it makes you feel any better I pass out in the tub all of the time. Even when I am not stoned. It's just relaxing. Shit I fall asleep in my showers in the morning from time to time....got a seat in there for relatives that are slightly disabled. It's nice. Just don't drown.:smoke:
  17. ever get so stoned that you sat in your car at a blinking red light waiting for it to turn red at 2 in the morning then figure out damn its a stop sign light....high moment..

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