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Ever got caught browsing GC?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GolgiApparatus, May 25, 2010.

  1. ah i see, and agree. at my school, One of my friends drew a picture of a pot plant, and they called his parents and said all this "You may want to keep an eye on him and make sure he isn't smoking dope" Dumbasses.

  2. so you're friend doesn't smoke pot. I would think that kid was smoking pot if he was drawing it but schools are just dumb for caring man they need to fuck off.My sister got burned for throwing a prom party.
  3. Hes prob not bullshitting I tried to get on the city a while back before I even registered and the school filters caught it and the next period I was getting asked shit by my principal....I just said "Search me I have no drugs and I didnt do anything wrong" They called my mom who pretended to care and I got in the car after class ended and we laughed about it.

  4. lol... that must have been awkward...
  5. ya my little brother always catches me lol he used to snitch to my mom but now he just laughs haha
  6. Omg haha, these stories are great but this (^) one made me laugh so loud I startled my dog. I know so many guys like this, and I heard them all at once and it was just insanely hilarious.

    I've got a story; I was browsing GC before my mom knew/accepted my cannabis use, and I had a a 3 minute video playing on my computer when I went and got something to eat from my kitchen which is like less than 10 feet down the hall. I figured I would notice if she came in, but... I guess I was just unlucky, because she walked in and watched a good 30 seconds of Dave Warden ripping some dank sexy oil. Needless to say that was hard to explain.

    I can't stop laughing every time I think "some crazy shit."
  7. sucks that most of you have to hide it from your parents. thats kinda lame. anyway i was in one of my classes with my laptop and i was sitting close to the back and i was browsing GC and my teacher walked up and looked saw me lookin at the high end glass thread. but fuck, its college what can they do? i just looked at her rudely like she invaded my privacy and she continued on with the lecture.
  8. This.

    Especially if you are watching porn too :D. Its always good to have an extra tap open when somebody walks in or your sitting close to somebody. Never gotten caught on GC tho, close tho. When Im not on the laptop, I usually have GC open in browser on my droid.
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    Let me start this off by giving you the situation between me and this kid's (I'll call him J) parents.

    2 years ago, me and J were burning a blunt in his shed because he put a sweet ass table/chairs setup in there with lights, a TV, a minifridge, etc...Basically, it was an ILL smoke room. We would smoke in there a few days out of the week because we took advantage of his parent's being at work until after we got out of school.

    One day the parents came home and we were smoking in the shed. So we just book it and dip into the woods. We waited 5 minutes, go back into the house smelling like bud from the fishbowl, and they get suspicious and start asking questions like "Where the hell did you two jsut go?". They have been sketched out by me ever since because they think I'm "corrupting their child".

    So me and J have been doing everything we can since then to get me back on their good sides and about the time they finally started trusting me, the story below happened...

    ----------------------back 1 year

    I was at my boys house and we were just relaxin', hitting his Toro, just a nice overall chill sesh.

    **Keep in mind, we thought his parents weren't home**

    So I go on his computer (It's in the family room. So technically it's the whole family's to use. I did not realize this at the time...) and log into GC, do some browsing in The Stash Jar and was looking at pictures of some seriously dank purple bud.

    All of the sudden I hear a knock at the front door right to my left, and before I had a chance to turn around and click out, BOTH of her parent's walked in, saw us blasted again, and what is on the screen of the computer?


    My heart stopped. And you know what happened?

    All I heard was a loud, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?" from his dad.

    They knew what weed looked like, they starting screaming 100% at me, the dad almost threw a coffee cup full of coffee on my brand new white tee, and they kicked me out.

    I haven't been allowed back since...:(


    1. Me and my friend finally got his parents to trust me.

    2. We smoked in his shed and went back inside

    3. I was browsing ganja-porn on GC

    4. Parents came home, saw the pics of the bud on the computer, and knew we were high.

    5. Almost got butt-raped by my friends dad.
  10. I got suspended yesterday for simplly sitting and doing nothing in Microsoft Office. (most point-less class ever) So today's my day off.
  11. I'm very glad I don't have to worry about things like that...yay for living away from home!
  12. Caught by who,my parents?Fuck they gonna do?
  13. Pretty Much/
  14. /thread
  15. lol
    my lil bro, he's 14, and he looks on gc a good bit.
    not like i can stop him tho.
    usually when my dad walks in on him he just keeps lookin and my dads like, thats a nice one and he jumps and is like, oh yea i know it.
    this one time i was lookin on here and i was lookin at some blue dream macros and my dad walked in and was like, damn that looks like fifty times as good as the shit back in my day.
    that was before he even knew i smoked too lmao.
  16. nah they dont suspend you for being late to class. now they jsut count every 3 lates as a absence .. and every 20 days you miss you lose credit in that class... i almost didnt have enough credit to get through highschool jsut because i didnt have enough credit... even though i had A's and B's.... fucked up ? yes.

    and when i mean late.. i mean like i walked in a second after the bell rang...
  17. //Agreed
  18. LOL
    just as I read this topic my dad sat down to check his email. (Desktop).

    He just gave me a weird look and said "what kinda stuff are you reading about?!"

    I just said , "oh, it's for a drug project. I have to research marijuana. Besides, I like reading funny stories about peoples lives."

    He didn't seem to think too much about it, LOL
  19. My Grandma fronts bills for bags im not to worried about a pot website being on my computer=) keep tokin!:smoking:

  20. Grandma huh?

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