Ever got caught browsing GC?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GolgiApparatus, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hi GC. I am safely assuming that alot of you are doing things you arent supposed to on the regular.

    one of those things you might be forbidden to do is browsing GC.

    Anybody been awkwardly caught having a window open, or having your superiors awkwardly browse through your history to awkwardly bring up why your registered handle on the website is "Idropacid420"? (indeed very awkward)

    tell of your stories!
  2. My mom had just came home and I was playing Americas Army and I closed it to take the groceries out of the car and when she came in the house she sat the the computer to take her shoes off and saw "Top 5 Best things about being high" and she clicked on it. I come back in and notice its up and shes sitting at the computer and then she goes to the bathroom so I go sit down and click x and she comes back out and is like, "Oh so you closed out 'Top 5 Best things about being high' and I was like "....Yeah." The end.
  3. yeah about 4 days ago i got reallly wrecked alone and went on the forums.
    "I REALLY NEED A PISS" I thought to myself

    I go to the loo and am twiddling away when I hear the sound of the stairs or somebody coming down them.
    its only mum i think. I should have thought harder

    I go in and see my mum looking at the computer "Erm what the hell is this" She asks

    "Erm ... I figured this summer I might do some gardening ..you know for stress etc"

    She looks at me " What you gonna grow marijuana"

    I remain quiet and she leaves without saying good night. She hasnt caugh me smoking yet although the other day she did come downstaris as me and my bud were smoking some herb and suggest that weed was being used
  4. Always have youtube open in another tab. My mom has the strange habit of leaning over my shoulder sometimes. That way if you X the GC tab it doesnèt look like youère hiding something, and are just surfin the tube. :D
  5. Yeah i was looking at one of MidwestKinds pickups a couple summers ago at my house and my mom came in and saw the enlarged attachment of just the dankest nug imaginable. She was like what's that? I said "some crazy shit", closed the browser and left the room.
  6. Yeah My computer is rite in front of out treadmill. And every time hes on it ill flip back and forth between face book or something and GC and hes like "why the hell do you kids need to roll such big blunts they're a waste". I geeked and told him they get you fucked up and he goes "oh" haha.
  7. I have private browsing. but yeah i always have facebook up on another tab when im on gc or watchin porn
  8. i cant get caught at work bc i cant even access the site. well...im assuming i cant.

    there are lots of filters, so im quite sure that gc would not get thru. i wouldnt even try though. i dont do anything online at work that i wouldnt want my superiors to know about...since theyre prolly watching anyway.
  9. I got suspended from school this year for being on the city. Stay high my friends,
  10. my dad used to care - he thought that my browsing a "pothead website" was grounds a pig could get a warrant and search the house.

    i tried explaining but it was no use. :rolleyes:
  11. It feels good not worrying about anyone reading thru my personal time.

  12. Oh my god they really did that? Bullshit.

  13. I doubt it's bullshit. If you see how schools are run these days, the littlest shit sets em off. We have kids being suspended, and being sent to alternative school for being like 2-5 minutes late to class a few times.
  14. Yeah, by my friend. He smokes all the time and it wouldn't have been that bad, except the last thread I was looking at was the "Guy's You'd Go Gay For" thread (I'm not gay). I tried to explain it but I was high and probably just made it worse. Really made for an awkward last episode of LOST on Hulu :smoking:

  15. haha i woulda said the same shit but left it up and stayed there lol.
  16. Use a laptop! Though using mine I was in the kitchen and my dad came in and I quickly closed the screen, and my dad said, "I guess you had something on I wasnt supposed to see." and my mom said, "you just want privacy, its not like you were talking about selling drugs." Which since Im not a dealer is technically true. My parents knew I smoked then, but I didnt know they knew. They didnt say anything for several months after they found out.
  17. I was on the computer, and apperantly my older brother saw the front page of Grass City open (He's generally in support of Cannabis, but he doesn't smoke it, and isn't cool with me smoking it).

    He gives it a gander, looks away and simply asks


    To which I respond;


    The conversation ended there.
  18. No i meant its bullshit that thats happening. What is wrong with our school system? Its not like someone is lighting up a custom roor in the bathroom or anything.
  19. lol I always have another tab open it's easy to not get caught with private browsing but I'm too lazy to open that shit up. GC is on my thumbnails my mom sees it all the time.. hahahaha
  20. Look up Randomize Tabs for Firefox.

    It helps a lot. You're all welcome.

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