Ever gonna quit in the distant future?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, May 2, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I was telling my roomie that I wanted cannabis seeds planted on my grave and he was all like:

    "Aww, come on man, you still gonna be smoking when you're like . . . I don't know, sixty? I mean, what if you have kids or a gf that doesn't like you smoking? You going to give up a relationship just for weed?"

    And that got me thinking . . . I seriously don't know if I'll ever quit! I really really enjoy ganja. Not just for it's effects, but the history, the culture, the politics, the botanical aspects, etc. It's just too much involved in my interests, 25 percent of my conversations with people usually involve drugs, specifically ganja. I love people more than drugs in the end, but I don't think I should have to give it up for other people . . . I don't know, it's not an addiction, it's more of an obsession . . .

    Nonetheless, I will admit it is possible I could move onto other interests later down the road. What do you guys think? Ever gonna quit? Someday?
  2. Maybe Someday. I am engaged and my fiancee doesnt like the idea I smoke, but she doesn't stop me and we love eachother the same. If it ever came between my smoke and her, I would quit the next day.
  3. you bring up a good point. i know i will someday. i have already been on and off with it in my 3 short years of toking. i quit for 5 months last summer and didnt touch it again til summer was over. i gave away my glass bowl cuz i seriously thought i was done for good. HAH. nope.

    plus anytime i get upset or stressed a bowl can usually make me feel better. if im upset then i usually space out and forget what i was upset about. like last night for instance. except this weekend im washing my problems away with lots of alcohol :)
  4. Lol, wish alcohol did something to me. My tolerance for weed is so naturally low that even schwagg gets me pretty decently high, and dank is like almost always a one hit kill for me, though last time I was able to take four bomb hits off of my friend's hammer bubbler full of some so cali kush (one of the smoothest and best highs I've ever had).

    But yeh, my alcohol tolerance is the total opposite. I'll have like three beers and be like "wtf . . . am I not supposed to be drunk?" If I do hard liquor I get pretty fucked up, but the hangovers are never ever worth it since the drunk part was so mild by comparison. I stick to weed these days. Much better.
  5. Personally im not 100% sure I will defently be smoking forever, I would like to say yes I will never quit smoking but who knows really. Ive been smoking for 7 years now, longest break I took was uhh roughly 2 months, smoking is a life style for me and one that I really enjoy, every girl friend ive ever had has tryed to change that which is why I am single at the moment.

    So I say no ill never quit. :smoke:
  6. I would like to smoke at least once a week til I am dead.

    I would also like to havea happy and siccessful marriage.

    I would gladly choose the second one over the first one, but I hope that my wife is understanding about an occasionaly toke.

    What do I know, I am but a young man and have so many more years to live, so we'll see.
  7. I've thought about this question many times over the years. Since I first got high, the longest period I've gone without toking has been 1 month, and I've been toking for over 30 years. I used to do tolerance breaks every January just to start the year off right, but I haven't done that in like 15 years.

    I really can't see me quitting for good. It's a part of my Life, part of my personality, a part of who I am. I spent years learning to do all my daily activities while high... like driving, working, playing with children,
    conversing, operating heavy machinery, having sex, doing laundry, etc. Hell, I even gave CPR to my best friend when he keeled over one day WHILE I WAS BLITZED OUT OF MY MIND! It's just an integral part of my existence.

    I'm never hesitant to let people know that I toke up daily. It's my way of showing people that weed is not the evil drug that it's made out to be. A good number of my friends became my friends over a bowl or a joint. I've met people out in the middle of nowhere (back country hiking used to be a favorite activity of mine) and shared a session. Weed is my 'common denominator' when I find myself in unfamiliar surroundings where I don't know anyone. It's been a wonderful ice breaker whenever I've needed it.

    So, to answer the poll question... nope, never... barring some unforeseen Life changing event. :cool:
  8. yup, im done after college.
  9. I love pot. I really do.

    It's always been a positive influence in my life. It's a wonderful herb with makes me happy, lets me think clearly, and inspires me.

    If for any reason it becomes negative, then i will stop it right there and then. Simple as that.

    My happiness and my life is worth more to me.

    You may very well see me passing around the bong in the nursing home though!
  10. I really enjoi smoking(and everything that goes with it) and hope that I will be able to for the rst of my life. JOE>

    P.S I voted maybe bc I have no idea what may happen in the future.
  11. "i love weed... but not as much as i love pussy!"
  12. I chose "maybe someday" as I don't really know any adults that still smoke. My dad partied through the 60s, and is really open about his past drug use, but he's now rabidly anti-drug. My brother, who was your average, run of the mill smoker, has sort of grown out of it. He's not against it, and still has a tiny amount stashed, but just doesn't feel the urge to smoke anymore.

    Then there's my sister, who could have been crowned queen of the stoners... smoked since... well, middle school, at least, hardly remember's high school, and was your quintessential hippie, living in the mountains with her three daughters. And last time I spoke with her, she, too, said she was growing out of her stoner phase.... that had lasted almost 15 years.

    So I assume, someday, I"m going to grow out of it as well. I doubt i'll sit down and plan to quit, but I figure someday other things will be more important to me.
  13. ill be toking at 90 years of age, if i live that long.
  14. I dont smoke or drink or do anything over the summers and I can see that as i grow up ill smoke less and less, and then after college ill probably stop, however if/when it goes legal ill probably pick it up again

  15. i don't plan on smoking when my wife is pregnant, and pretty much during the whole time my kids live at home. i mean once they hit about 10 or 11 i might start smoking again, but i can't put my children at risk like that. even though i love the herb, the laws are still so unfair, i don't want to jeaopardize my kids future ya dig!?
  16. i plan n smoking when i'm an old man, sitting in a rocking chair on my porch and hitting my sherlock bub. i am married now and i have a 2 year old daughter, and i am one of the most responsible smokers you will ever meet. i keep it away from my daughter, dont smoke around her or even in the house if she's awake. i believe i can raise her well and teach her the truth about the herb and let her make up her mind before the government makes it up for her. i know plenty of parents who toke while they have children. so yeah...ill be toking until im croking.
  17. smoking pot is a major part of my life, it's something that I highly enjoy doing and it keeps my mind off of other drugs. Yeah, i'm pretty sure I will be smoking forever, although if something more serious got in the way I could see myself quitting
  18. lol, frosty_cola your avvy is super distracting ... anyways, I don't know if I would smoke if I had kids, if I would I'd do it your way, but I honestly would be fearful of being caught despite precautions. Getting high is not more important than my kids having a father whilst they grow up. Though once they left the house I'd probably start toking again . . . though, by then, who knows, I might have totally forgotten bout weed by then . . . though probably not :D
  19. well i believe if a person does it responsibl they won't get caught and i DEFINATELY do not like mj more than i love my daughter...dont get me wrong at all. if i had to i would quit for a while but i will never quit forever.
  20. haha i just thought that was really strange. how does someone not get fucked up over the summer? awesome

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