..ever go to church/temple/synagouge/ high?

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  1. Anyone ever go to church high? my familly is catholic, but my immediate familly doesnt really go to church much...but this one time i slept over my cousins house on a saturday, and smoked alot the night before. so much that i woke up high sunday morning. now i wouldnt do this on purpose, and i wasn't full blown baked, but i still felt pretty high..anyway church was beautiful, the songs and the way the light shined through the windows, everything. the eucharist was delicous too. my lil buzz wore off about half way through, but it was still a nice expeirince.

    guess im going to hell though :wave:
  2. i went to church a couple weeks ago tripping.

    it was HORRIFYING. screw baptists, they scare the shit out of me.
  3. No, never been to church high and never will.
  4. if there is ever a time that i have to go to church again.. i will go high.
  5. I never have, but I don't think it would end well if I did. One of three things would happen:

    1. I'd challenge the pastor to a debate.
    2. I'd have my own running commentary outlining all the shit I find wrong with what they're saying.
    3. I'd get the fuck outta there and smoke more weed.
  6. I used to go to synagogue as a teenager high all the time. It made sense, Friday night meal was the biggest of the week, so I'd be high in synagogue and be a hell of a lot more interested in what was going on, then I'd get home and be starving
  7. I have, yes. It made me feel like I was taking part in a Cult
  8. sometimes, when i drive myself to church, to meet up with my parents, i'll smoke a little. it always make church go by much faster. i'm not into church, but my parents ask me to go because it's "something we do as a family", because i think they want me to be a good example to my younger siblings.

  9. hell yea
    and the sermons the rabbi makes is usually pretty interesting
  10. Going to church high was the only way I survived it without doing something crazy.

    I've never shared my family's beliefs, but grew up in a SUPER conservative, religious household. I live with my grandparents, and my grandfather was the preacher of my church. Talk about awkward...

  11. I grew up in a christian home... now i'm a non believer. Never went to church high, however i have listened to part of a religious program on the radio when high. It made it awesome cause he was talkin end times and shit. ha ha ha
  12. dude your so NOT going to to hell for that

    weed is just that ... a weed, a plant, its all natural man : )
  13. I went to christmas mass high :D ..

    Then the priest like fainted or something and me and my cousin almost busted out laughing haha...

    he was ok afterwards.
  14. not religious but..if ur gonna go to a place to honor god..please go there sober..its just so disrespectful

    if u dont care then y not go at all...

  15. I don't understand how it is disrespectful. :confused:
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    its hard to explain..there are certain situations where i would feel really disrespectful if i was high..and going to church is one of them..iono..its just a serious situation in my view i guess..it could be way different for other people

    it kind of seem like.."shit i have to go to church..o well ill just go blazed"..if u hate it that much..just skip it..

    now if ur religion requires u to be stoned.....:smoking:

    edit: its like..i guess in churches..'breaking' the rules in the house of god..u wouldnt curse in churches neither
  17. you do realize weed is a spiritual drug right? thousands of years ago religious people used the drug freely to enhance there beliefs and to ponder there beliefs.
  18. Never gone to mass high but I smoke at a synagogue regularly if that counts haha

    I pray and meditate a lot and it helps me feel closer to god, so I dont see how thats disrespectful. Also the bible supports weed use and used to be made out of hemp before prohibition.:hello:
  19. yeah i went high on easter (the only day we go to church).. i thought god was gonna strike me down with lightening

  20. Motherfuckin' THIS!

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