Ever Go To A Bar Alone?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cannabis1990, May 7, 2014.

  1. I just moved to a new city and kind of want to go out and meet some people but I have no one to go with,
    did you ever go out alone? when I go out I'm typically with a fairly large group and am already nicely intoxicated

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    I don't often go to bars, but yes.  Assuming it's a mellow situation, I might bring a sketchpad and just doodle while observing people.  (I'm very introverted though.)
  3. I'm quite introverted as well, but after a few drinks I can become quite socialable.
  4. Not 21, I drink a good amount, by myself too. Can't really see myself going out to bars alone in the future though but i'd love to if I make new friends by then
  5. no shame in that, i mean...unless you're getting shitfaced by yourself. honestly though, who am i to tell you what to do. personally i think it's ok to grab a quick cold one and maybe pull a number or meet someone cool 
  6. Yup like a lonely cowboy listening to sad country songs and taking a shot of whiskey.
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    Never have but thought about it.  Would be nice to run in after a long days work and meet some new people.
  8. If your nonchalant about it and try to be cool. Being an introspective extrovert I like to meet new people but only certain ones.

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  9. Yeah. No shame in going to a bar alone. You usually end up talking to someone. If your there getting bombed alone, that's a little different.

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  10. I used to do it and I went in alone and left with 4 or 5 friends..some of the best nights of your life are the ones you don't plan

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  11. Pretty much what everyone else is saying. Go in for a couple of drinks. If you do end up getting smashed, no sweat. Not like anyone will remember it. Hopefully you can meet some new friends man.

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