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Ever get stoned and eat way too much?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tree Of Life, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. And regret it later? Oh shit man, I'm so full. I feel like my stomach is a balloon that's filled with too much air. I think I'm going to pop.

    Did you ever get so high that you had extreme munchies and ate too much? :mad:
  2. Yeah used to happen all the time. You just got to learn some self control and not let the Munchies take over. Still happens to me every now and then though.
  3. Most of the time when I get high and I have buddies over I go to the kitchen and sit there and eat for half an hour and randomly come back and my friends are like where'd you go? I just look at them funny and they sigh.

    Personally I've never eaten too much OP, well not yet anyway.
  4. I ate 3 platters of chinese food while i was stoned. lol at first i thought it was a smart idea by the time i ate myself outta my hugh i regretted it a bunch
  5. I used to also! I hate that feeling! I would get the munchies ssuuppeerr thick and eat about 6-7 yoplait yogurts with a bunch of animal crackers mixed in with the yogurt, and then crackers by themself. Delicious though...

  6. You put it perfectly. Now I can control it try well. But sometimes you just got to eat it up
  7. Yep.
    Many times.
    I don't remember specifics, but I remember numerous trips to the fridge even after ordering in. Eating fucking thing after another...gorging.
    The later on I'd always feel way too full and bloated.

    Don't really get the munchies anymore though, strangely enough.
    Like I still enjoy food a little more trashed, but I tend to know when's enough.
  8. Not anymore, though I used to order Domino's all the time, and always get pissed at the max # of toppings :laughing: The one time my mom tried weed, she allegedly ate an entire package of hot dogs (while camping). She hasn't smoked it since.
  9. Yeah I need to learn self control. We bought a dozen donuts and I ate 6 and then we went to burger king after. Felt awful after but it was fun though.
  10. Oh god yes. The last night at my apartment last school year me and my friend smoked about an eight of dank as a farewell kinda thing. After we got the munches but didn't feel like driving anywhere so I went to my kitchen to see what I had left.

    What I found was two boxes of fiber one granola bars. Well I ate mine, and finished the other half of my buddies. Lemme tell you they were the best tasting granola bars ever. Little did I realize is that I ate about 1500% of my daily fiber. The next day it felt like I was spawning Satan out of my asshole. Never again.
  11. This happened to me when I first start smoking, I'd literally eat everything I could eat out of the fridge and pantry. My dad would get so pissed, I would also have some hardcore shits the next day lol
  12. Yknow what's good?
    Like, a whole big motherfucking side of smoked salmon...lemonjuice and cracked pepper allover that.
    Eat it with some nice bread (afghan bread is the shit), sliced avocado with a pinch of salt, capers, cream cheese...shiiiiit
  13. every now and then but i usally just eat a little bit before i smoke then im fine
  14. always, currently bulking so 3,500+ calories a day. key is the hide all the junk food

  15. I fall apart
  16. [quote name='"RandomThoughts"']
    I fall apart[/quote]

    Turn around, bright eyes?

  17. ..........

  18. Back in the day, before I gave a shit about what I ate, my best friend and I would eat those 100 calorie pack muffins, just run a train on them. Or if we knew we were getting stoned we'd hit up Mcdonalds (remember don't be high and drive ;) safety first, then teamwork ), each of us got 2 double cheese burgers with a large freedom fry and some ketchup/ranch dipping sauce on the side. This fat ass we chilled with for awhile (he was a moocher so we kicked his ass out of our friendship circle :metal:) got the ranch on the side one time (we paid for his meal of course), we tried it...gross as shit when you're not high, but the most amazing combination of grease and ranch dipping sauce, wit sum ketchup..aaawww shhyyyytttt, now I'm hungry. Sorry for the rambling and lack of organization ^ in my one paragraph..I ramble when I'm high, and only tell people I'm rambling when I'm high when I actually am, I'm not even sure I answered the question?. :smoke: Later blades :bongin:

  19. Dude everytime i get stoned i over eat thats what the munchies are if you get hungry when your stoned and eat a bit of food then dnt feel like eating anymore food thats not the munchies man with the munchies you can eat 3 fucking pizzas and after that youll still feel like eating more but i dont get munchies anymore its either because i dont get as high as i used to or because i learnt to control the munchies because i dont wanna get fat.
  20. just close your eyes and fall out. You'll wake up and take a good shit :laughing:

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