Ever get so high you eat someone eles's food?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokah-Jokah, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I feel bad about it sometimes but when I'm high late at night and everyone's sleepin, the whole fridge is like a fuckin treasure chest! Anyone else get like this?
  2. No.

    But people do it at my place all the time, simply because were ok with it... its like an unwritten rule; your aloud to raid a person's kitchen as long as you clean up after yourself (without making too big of a mess), and ask before you just munch down, because w/e you picked out could be something special.
  3. only at home and in the dorms because i don't like my roommate, and my family spoils all the other kids (i'm 18, 3 younger siblings one older), so they will just go buy the exact same thing and ii blamed it on my dad when i was growing up. the hardest part is upholding a lie you told while bar'd out... not an easy task :(
    i should ad that i have purchased 90% of the food in the dorms, and my roommate eats more of my food than the other way around. im not sure how he got into this school.. he watches "I love New York" and other really crap tv shows of that nature. he also copies everything clever that i say. did i mention that he stinks, and is a country bumpkin that talks like an obnoxious black girl stereotype? he jams FERGIE and NICKELBACK... he deserves to get his food eaten :p
  4. No, I respect my room mates enough to not eat their food. Besides that, I absolutely hate it when people eat my food. Food is expensive, we are all tight on money and we all gotta eat so we leave each other's stuff.
  5. I try and stick to my food. Mainly fruits (trying to have healthy munchies). But you can never go wrong with breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast. Mmmm, i guess ima have a feast when i get home from work.
  6. No, because people have done that to me and I get pissed off when I'm sober.
  7. dude one time in the dorm i lived in w/ these huge awesome black dudes some people were burnin up the herbs, and at some point someone decided to eat some reeses puffs cereal from on top of the fridge, and then leave. like an hour later its like WHO THE FUCK ATE MY MOFUCKIN CEREAL i was like shit dude. not me man.

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