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Ever get retard high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by justan, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Now first off I just want to say I mean no offense by this post. I have a mentally challenged aunt and I fully respect those with disabilities. But this is honestly like the only way I can describe it.

    Have you ever gotten so high that you're basically incapacitated? Like you can't move, you can barely talk, your eyes look like they're shut and you can barely think? You're just retard high. Very few times have I gotten this high, but I love when I do.
  2. The few times I've been really high I've been too paranoid to do anything anyways
  3. Once I got so high I butt fucked the moon
  4. Yes, about 5 minutes ago:

    Me(walks into moms room to ask for money)- Hey mom(starts laughing for no reason)
    Mom-Are you high?
    Me-Yea. Look what i got!!(Shows her new MFLB)
    Mom-woah it smells like burnt weed popcorn!
  5. G bong will get me retarded high. Smoke 2 gs out the bong, youll be pretty but ripped but smoking 2 gs out the g bong will get you fuckedd
  6. nope my mental capacity is high to begin with so when I'm "retard" high I'm about as functionally retarded as the general population
  7. Ya bro all the time but that's when I shine ;)
  8. Only a few times, rarely happens anymore, though. I've built up quite the tolerance, I guess.
  9. When I smoke a heavy indica like what I have been toking lately I do find myself mentally challenged. But purposely. I straight up look retard too whilst this baked. This weed I do not smoke in the morning because it destroys me for work. My boss would know so fast.
  10. Dude sativas are the shiettt. I always blaze up at work and nobody notices as long as I make sure I'm not around them and don't have the weed too close to my body when I blaze outside.
  11. Other than my first time, no, unfortunately. I've been smoking for about year and have never used a bong, had edibles, hash, or kief before, so that may be why. I've also never smoked more than 2 grams of dank in one session either, so I'm sure it's definately possible even with my moderate tolerance.
  12. I was so high on a treat one time I could not do anything but smile.

    My roommate was like dude are you ok!?

    I just raised my eyebrows and smiled LOLZ

  13. Yeah dude you ain't lyin'. I got some pretty strong indica last week and I smoked only half the G in one night and was literally retarded. I was playing Skyrim and I just kept fucking hammering at the walls because I forgot what ore veins looked like. I laughed my ass off and felt really proud when I actually found a vein during my rampage on the walls with dual pickaxes. I thought really hard about throwing my hands up in celebration but decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

    Also, I think really the main difference between indica and saliva is potency because if I smoke like a single pinch of a really strong indica it feels just like a sativa head high. It's just that in sativas you can smoke a shitload and not get super tired or lazy because they have more CBD which has stimulant properties. So yeah now I get indicas mostly and make them last a really long time. I already have low tolerance so a gram can last me a week if I smoke every day. But I only smoke on weekends and not even every weekend so a G is like fucking endless to me. I'm smoking almost every day this week though because it's the holidays and I don't have school and I don't have work every day.
  14. My wife sure thinks I do.
  15. Retard isn't a politically incorrect term, to be retarded is just a description.

    But yes, every night I get retard high. I sit there and go fuck I'm so I can't think, love it.
  16. I have before yes... I'm just told i'm more fun that way :p
  17. Forgot my own name once...
  18. I know what you mean Fredo but the sativa feels a bit of a "cleaner" high to me and doesn't tire me out or make me in that couch-lock mindset... kinda gives me energy and makes everything awesome. Indicas are good for that too but even when they have that same head high imo it's not exactly the same body high or feeling you get.
  19. Hahaha at first I thought the thread was about getting a mentally retarded person high...

    I checked the thread and was majorly disappointed :(
  20. Only once off of home made edibles. Told wife I was too stoned to go to pizza buffet-proceeded to laugh uncontrollably while she left without me. She brought back the best pizza ever baked though.

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