Ever get really high before doing something important?

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  1. Ever get really high before doing something you knew was important? How did it turn out
  2. I never smoked with the intent to be high at a important meeting or family get together.. But i do have the tendency to forget shit.. I went to my mothers christmas dinner ripped out of my mind but no one noticed lol.
  3. I agree w you I won't do it intently but I have gone to work ripped cause I thought it was my day off, I handle money so you know I don't wana do that blown idk maybe just me but yeah....
  4. I went to my HS graduation blown lol
  5. prom pictures!

    funny pictures lol
  6. I make sure I'm high for stuff thats important.

    Releases those butterflies, man.
  7. I went to a funeral an hour after I had hit some jack herer twice. (Super high tolerance mind you)

    now that I think about it I feel kinda bad..hmmmm. is it that bad?:confused: (I had only met the guy once so...) the whole thing went fine.
  8. I had in interview for a job at the airport which i went to high as hell. I was interviewed by the department VP and senior manager. They said i didn't get the job because i didn't speak a second language but to apply again when its not a requirement. Cheee:smoke:
  9. one time i smoked 2 blunts of white widow and completely forgot i had to go to work, my boss called me and was like "hey ive been at the ice cream shop for 30 minutes now" (i was doing a carpet cleaning job at the time with this guy who worked with me at my main job) so i told him i was on my way and driving there was so hard, i could barely focus and finally when i got there and got in his truck he was talking to me and all i could really say was "uh huh"

    we got to the house and it was a fucking mansion and they wanted ALL the rooms done, needless to say my high was completely killed after the first room

  10. I smoked a 4 ounce blunt before graduation with 10 friends
    only I didn't graduate that night :eek:
  11. naw that isnt bad. everyone dies. I hope everyone is high at my funeral and having a good time with the time they have left :smoke:
  12. smoked hash blunt before my senior exhibition.
  13. A few days ago I smoked, went home ripped, grandparents (who don't know I smoke somehow) were there. Took my grandma to the grocery store and she got me munchies. Mj makes everything nice.
  14. drug counsilin

    hs graduation


    what do you consider important?
  15. I was ripped when I took my SATs the first time, and I got a great score. Funny thing is I took it again sober and did much worse.

    And I read that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got high before meeting President Clinton :hello:
  16. [​IMG]

    I R Doing something important right now.
  17. Its the important things I have to be stoned for.

    I was about an hour and a half into a brownie high when I walked the stage at graduation. Shit was the only thing that kept me sane through the 4 thousand names they called.
  18. I was fairly under the influence when I played in the State Championship for 5A boys soccer.
  19. No, I don't mix weed and life priorities, the two just don't go together. If you mix 'real' life and marijuana disaster will result. Maybe not immediately but inevitably.
  20. 4 ounces? Rasta buds is skeptical

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