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ever get pulled over and were forced to eat your weed, etc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kushed13, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. i wanna hear some stories about having to eat weed/anything else while being pulled over lol. It's only happened to me once and I only had like a gram so it was easy, but I'm sure there are some good ones out there.
  2. Almost. Friend and I picked up and 1/8 and he was probably going 10 over in a 35. It was in my pocket. I see lights behind us and FUUUU. I asked him "Do you want me to eat this?" (He paid for it) And took it out of my pocket, and it didn't smell too much. He didn't answer just froze so I threw it in the glove box.

    Heart was racing. Neither of us have records and he had his registration in his wallet FTW. Cop said he was going over 50mph which was ridiculous because I would have noticed and told him to slow the f down. Ending up getting a lecture/warning.
  3. Nope. Just got pulled over with weed on me. I knew I wasn't gonna get searched so I was okay.
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    Well it wasn't me personally but my friend got pulled over with a little over 2 ounces with 4 other people in the car. they attacked that shit lol.

    edit: i ment to say a little LESS then 2 ounces. sorry.
  5. I cant imagine this being does a person eat a half o with in like a minute? If it is true it had to be some funny ass shit to laugh at later
  6. Well 5 people would equal less then a half O each. And I dunno I wasnt there.. I wouldn't imagine my friend would lie about something like that lol. Maybe though. :rolleyes:
  7. didnt see 4 OTHER people but still funny shit:D
  8. This one time, I hid a pound in my ass...

    Lol jk. But Ive never been pulled over with bud on me. Good thing about living in the country, you know all of the back roads. Ive ran like 10 times, theyve never caught me ;)
  9. ya i ate a quarter once i had to eat a fair amount of food to not be sick to my stomach though. Friend was talking to the cops while i was inhaling it in the other room , you get the idea etc.

  10. i had to stick 4 grams in my pants once :) cop didnt dare look
  11. What does bud even taste like?
  12. It tastes like weed. Idk how else to explain it. lol
  13. It doesnt really have a taste... Its just, a very weird texture... Stick to smoking, trust me. Lol.
  14. One time me and my friend back in the daywere blazing in his car on the side of this road near his house and the cops showed up(obviously somebody called) They knew we were high and were like "all right, you guys have to smoke all of that right now" (about an 8th) we were stoned as hell and my homie replied "I dont think I can handle that man" with this funny ass facial expression. I just started busting up laughter and so did they. Ended up making us stomp it out on the ground and told us to get on their way, pretty funny when it was all said and done.
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    I don't consent to searches so i keep it in my pocket but they can search the car just not the glove box or trunk

  16. The fuck? I would have been like "Yes officer!"
  17. hahaha it was back in like sophomore year of high school when our tolerances were 10% of where they are now. we had just finished smoke 2 blunts of that cali fire when they showed up......needless to say we were already at cloud 9, but yes looking back on it we shoulda just rolled another up and did work
  18. Definitely. it's mostly been just a roach tho as I rarely have it on me in the car, but since I smoke in it sometimes I always assumed I would be searched - and been right all but one time. the attitude of the cop when he's letting you go is always like " you obviously just ate your stash" (after searching and not finding anything) "so..enjoy that" haha. Priceless.

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