Ever find packs?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cali Grass, May 30, 2009.

  1. Today me and my friend were chilling and he bought a pack of cigarettes, and as we walked around i kept wishing I had a pack, like, fuck :D so we were walking along and i saw a fairly new looking pack on the ground and kicked it. But to my surprise it had weight to it, so i picked it up saying " no way this is full..." lo and behold, a full pack of marlboro lights, just chillin on the sidewalk. Any of you blades ever get lucky like this?
  2. well i dont smoke cigs man but my friend once once found a half full pack of malboros not as good as yours but still a good find for her
  3. i found 3/4 a pack of camel menthols my favorite brand too
  4. I was so lucky when i was younger and had no money, I'd always find un opened packs laying around in gas stations and peoples cars. I'd say i "found" a bunch of packs.
  5. lol "lying around in gas stations and peoples cars"

    i think you mean stealing?
  6. I found a full unopened pack of marlboro lights sittin on a chair on the beach at like 2 in the mornin one time. I thanked god :)
  7. how the fuck do these things get here? does god make trips to 7-11 for cartons every once in a while?
  8. not smokes, but one day on the walk to the liquor store i found two bills, a 5 and a 10. that mickey turned into a 26er and smokes
  9. I was chillin around the corner store and I was walking too the back of the store to smoke my one and only ciggarette when I found a whole not even opened pack of dorals :)
  10. ive never found a pack of cigs, but ive left them places before, so i could see how this works its way around. nice find guy
  11. yeah, on the bus one time. i was sitting, some guy right by me got up, and he dropped his pack without noticing. i didnt notice until the bus started moving again, but i picked it up and BAM! pack with about 3 missing. gave it to my brother who sold it for 10 bucks hahha

  12. same i was walkin with my friends and everytime i see a pack i usually kick it too see if theres anything in it. and just like the op said it had weight so i open it, and there we go there wer 18 outta the 20 camel menthols in there. I was so happy lol.
  13. I'm usually on the other end of this, riding my bike with a pack in my sweatshirt pocket or something, I've lost more than a few like that
  14. Once found a pack of Camel Turkish Blends, but 20 minutes later I lost my cellphone, so overall crappy day
  15. my buddy found a full pack of marlboro 100 lights at a rest stop on a highway
  16. well i walked into a 7-11 once and i saw a man who was glowing buyin lots of ciggys so maybe he does
  17. I found a 50 dollar bill on the ground once. It was before i started smoking.
  18. i found an unopened dutch on the sidewalk one time..
  19. yep, the first cigarette I smoked was one out of a pack we found on the side of the road :p

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